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Dongguan Shuicao Rattan Furniture Factory introduces rattan furniture depends on the natural flexibility of rattan

by:Modern Century     2021-10-09
According to Modern Century, Dongguan Shuicao Rattan Furniture Factory, the rattan craftsmanship of rattan furniture is awe-inspiring to the world! The artistry of rattan furniture not only depends on the processing and weaving skills of rattan furniture, but the perfection of rattan furniture also benefits from the characteristics of natural rattan.  'Flexibility' is a major characteristic of rattan. The natural flexibility of rattan materials makes rattan and wood furniture innovative. Every weaving pattern and every arc of rattan furniture shows the flexibility of rattan. Compared with solid wood, rattan is not flexible and hard enough. In the past, people used weaving techniques to make rattan furniture, such as seats, tables, screens, chairs, and other rattan furniture, and formed rattan furniture folk culture. There are many types of rattan, and not all rattans can be used to make rattan furniture. The vines that can be used to make rattan furniture include palm vine, ivy vine, kudzu vine, spatholobus vine, etc. The most commonly used of these types of vines is palm vine. Palm vines are woody vines, belonging to the vine family of the Palmaceae Province, which reproduce in large areas in tropical rain forests.   The rattan used in rattan furniture is called rattan, which is knotted like bamboo on the outside, but solid inside. Both rattan bark and rattan can be used to make rattan furniture, and rattan bark is mostly used for weaving. The rattan skin is generally milky white, milky yellow or light red, and some rattan skins have spots on the surface, commonly known as variegated rattan, which is naturally decorative. Agate rattan is a precious rattan of palm rattan, commonly known as bamboo rattan. It has the reputation of being the king of rattan. It has excellent material, strong rattan, well-proportioned fullness, and uniform color. It is the first choice for medium and high-end rattan furniture. The weaving method of rattan is ever-changing. The original rattan can be woven into classical European-style rattan furniture, simple and extensive American pastoral furniture, cultural Chinese rattan furniture, using rattan, rattan bark, rattan, solid wood, etc. , Stylish rattan and wood furniture of the times with many materials such as collocation, iron art, cloth art, and modern elements such as glass and metal. Using the same rattan, you can change countless different beautiful patterns at will.   Rattan and wood furniture are designed and made with smooth and soft lines, luxurious and comfortable shapes, quite bold and elegant, so that the rattan furniture is simple and natural, fresh and refreshing. Rattan furniture 'warm in winter and cool in summer' can be used in season.
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