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Dongguan Shuicao Rattan Furniture Factory tells you the feng shui of the chaise longue rattan chair

by:Modern Century     2021-10-26
Modern Century from Dongguan Water Grass Rattan Furniture Factory discusses the Feng Shui of the chaise longue.  The lady chair is light in shape, exquisitely handcrafted and full in color. The beautiful and changeable patterns and soft texture bring a bright and lively atmosphere to the living room. It can sit and lie down comfortably and naturally.  1. Place the chaise longue with the back against the window.    If the living room and dining room in the home are integrated with no partition in between, the chaise longue is suitable to be placed near the window of the living room.  2. The chaise longue is placed next to the sofa in the living room.    The layout and design of the living room are planned. If you add a chaise longue, you can choose a chaise longue that is consistent with the style of the sofa and place it next to the original sofa. The chaise longue itself is also a kind of sofa, placed next to the large sofa in the living room, and combined into a complete set of sofa furniture.  3. The chaise longue should not be placed in a position with too strong light.    The chaise longue is generally a lying position, so the placement of the chaise longue is to consider the light intensity of the position. It is recommended that the light should not be too strong, otherwise it will affect people's sight and form a light evil. 4. The chaise longue should not be placed in front of the door. Whether it is placed in the living room, study or bedroom, the chaise longue should not be placed in front of the door, such as the door, kitchen door, bedroom door, balcony door, etc., as this is easy to be broken, which is not conducive to feng shui in the house. .  5. The chaise longue should be placed diagonally rather than straight.    The chaise longue is a reclining sofa, and the position should be slightly inclined when placed, so that it can hide the wind and gather energy, and achieve the effect of prosperity for people and wealth. If the chaise longue is always placed, it will be like a strong man with a broken arm.   In short, if you believe in Feng Shui, you will not believe it or not. There is not much space for furniture in modern dwellings, as long as each piece of furniture and chaise longue is placed in the most suitable position is the best.
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