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Dongguan Shuicao Rattan Furniture Factory tells you what rattan material is used for rattan chair furniture

by:Modern Century     2021-10-11
According to Modern Century, a rattan furniture factory in Dongguan, rattan furniture is an ancient furniture in our country. Due to the limitation of the source of raw materials and technology, the rattan furniture industry has developed rapidly, regardless of the size, quantity, and output value of the company. In terms of product type, structure, modeling, process technology and product trade, it has been greatly developed. Rattan furniture has become a highly unification of artistic style and function, technology and materials, value and practicality, and is full of attractive and competitive furniture products in the furniture market today. Chinese rattan furniture is sold at home and abroad, bringing people’s lives The simple, fresh, quiet and idyllic atmosphere, the rattan furniture industry is full of vitality and vitality.   Rattan furniture is one of the oldest furniture in history. The rattan material for rattan furniture comes from Indonesia's natural rattan material. The rattan has a firm texture and strong toughness, coupled with poor thermal conductivity, warm in winter and cool in summer, suitable for rattan furniture.  The family members used to weave rattan furniture are mainly bamboo rattan, white rattan and red rattan. The bamboo rattan is called agate rattan and is known as the 'king of rattan'. This is the most expensive premium vine, native to Indonesia and Malaysia. It not only has a beautiful surface, but also has a high degree of waterproof performance. Its structure is compact, extremely elastic, not easy to burst, so it is durable. The other type of rattan is the red rattan, which has a large output and low price. It is generally used to make rattan racks, rattan ornaments and other lower-level rattan utensils. There is also a kind of aquatic vine, the seagrass vine. The aquatic grass and seaweed that grow in the water and in the sea are the main materials, which are rough and atmospheric, strong and durable.  The main material of rattan furniture is rattan, and rattan is divided into many types. However, the general real rattan furniture is natural rattan woven, and some leisure furniture is woven rattan. Each has its own advantages. See what you need to buy.
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