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Dongguan teahouse club rattan furniture manufacturers tell you the benefits of sitting on rattan chairs

by:Modern Century     2021-10-19
The rattan furniture manufacturers in Dongguan teahouse clubs stated that with the popularity of rattan furniture, more and more people began to choose high-quality rattan furniture, especially in some families, specializing in the purchase of rattan chairs for the elderly, because the elderly have to sit on rattan chairs. Great benefit, don’t you know? Come, let the professional Dongguan rattan furniture wholesale manufacturer introduce to you.   Dongguan teahouse club rattan furniture manufacturers pointed out that compared with hard benches, rattan chairs are the first choice for the elderly, and a soft cushion is better. Experts explained that there is a small protrusion under the ischial bone of the human pelvis called ischial tuberosity. There is a bursa at the top. When a person sits down, the bursa secretes mucus when it comes in contact with the object on which it is sitting, which acts as a buffer. , To reduce the discomfort when in contact with hard objects. With the increase of age, the hip muscles of the elderly gradually atrophy, the bursa on the ischial tuberosity also undergoes degenerative changes, mucus secretion decreases, and the buffering capacity decreases. If you sit on a hard bench, you will get ischial nodular bursitis, especially the elderly who are thin and are more prone to such injuries.   Soft chairs or sofas can also cause muscle strain in the elderly. When the body is trapped in a chair, a person’s spine has a greater degree of curvature, which increases the burden on the muscles of the lower back. For the elderly with relatively loose bones, there is also a certain risk. Therefore, we should choose a breathable and flexible rattan chair for the elderly, which can calm the nerves and help sleep. It is best to choose a chair with a backrest and put an ottoman so that the feet can be placed flat to prevent Before the next ischemia. Experts also emphasized that no matter what the chair is, the most important thing is to change the posture frequently.  Young people, what are you waiting for? Buy wicker chairs, give them to the elderly, and show your filial piety. Of course, the most important thing is that this is good for the physical and mental health of the elderly.
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