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During a recent visit to a nightclub, I was mesmerized

by:Modern Century     2021-03-18

Among the various advantages the offered by epoxy resin bar tops and table tops the most appealing is perhaps the fact that they can be custom designed according to individual preferences. People can design a clear top or place items such as coins, cards, beads, or even small souvenirs inside them. Additionally they can add a trace of color or shade matching with the overall theme of their interiors to create a compatible look.

The resin tops are also quite poplar because of their perfect finish and are extremely durable. A properly designed resin table top or bar top can last as long as 10 years even while withstanding extensive use. A simple wipe with a good cleansing liquid is sufficient to remove any and all types of marks completely. And since they are well known for their strength, they are almost damage resistant and also virtually maintenance free. The fact that these tops are much easy to clean and are practically stain and scratch resistant also make them a preferred choice for use as table tops and bar tops.

The resin tops are created by mixing the epoxy resin and the hardener in the ratio of 1:1. Since the process is complicated, it requires the skill and experience of a professional to be completed in a perfect manner. Depending on the end use of the resin top, different types of epoxy can be utilized in their creation. Given their versatility and advantages, it is really not surprising that the resin tops are fast replacing the traditional wooden or marble bar tops and table tops in most high class night clubs, restaurants and even hotels.

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