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Every table tennis expert has different ways that

by:Modern Century     2021-03-22

If you have a table tennis coach, then they have probably given you many drills to work on that focus on your strengths and weaknesses, but when it is close to the day of your table tennis tournament you should be focusing more on just your strengths. Having a strength that is trained well by practicing it over and over can be a huge boost to your confidence on the day of your competition. That confidence can often even help you with your weaker motions and plays. You will still want to look after your weaknesses, but focusing on trying to strengthen your weaker point right before a table tennis tournament will most likely only lower your confidence and that will hurt your stronger suits.

To best prepare yourself for a table tennis tournament you should have your coach focus on drills that will best simulate a real tournament game and focus on the strengths that you have one or two days prior to the competition to be sure that your confidence is high and you are ready for whatever you may encounter from your opponent.

To best prepare your body for the table tennis tournament you should follow some specific guidelines regarding your diet, the amount of rest that you get, and other preparation methods.

The most important thing that you need to take into consideration when preparing for a table tennis tournament is your diet. There are certain foods that can harm your performance in the competition. You will want to make sure that a few days prior to the competition that you avoid eating too many foods that are high in fat and protein because they take longer to digest. To get the best performance from your body, you will want to eat a lot of carbohydrates like fruits, cereal, and pasta. These foods are easily digestible and are the best for fuel for your body.

You will want to avoid anything for a few hours before your match in the table tennis tournament. The best thing that you can do is to drink plenty of water and fruit juice to stay hydrated and have small snacks during the competitions. Avoid sodas because they have too much sugar and will make you feel more tired once the sugar rush wears off.

Before the table tennis tournament make sure that you get enough rest. The rest that you get before the competition will be more beneficial to your performance than the rest that you get during. If you are tired and have not gotten enough sleep prior to the start of the table tennis tournament then it will sneak up on you, especially if the competition day is a long one.

If you have an early morning competition start then be sure you get enough sleep the night before and try exercising in the morning before your competition to warm up. You should give yourself enough time prior to the table tennis tournament to eat your breakfast and and have about an hour to allow it to digest before you warm up and play.

If you have a special warm up partner that you like to use for competitions, make sure you arrange with them to be at the warm up area early enough to allow enough time to fully warm up and be ready for your table tennis tournament. Get there early enough to get a warm up table as many others will probably be also doing the same thing as you. If you have to share a table with other players you may get distracted and not get in an effective warm up for the competition. This is why managing your time well to give yourself enough time to warm up is important.

Most important to your performance during the table tennis tournament is how you feel and how focused your mind is. Before you start your match in the competition, you should find a place to go by yourself and get your thoughts together and focus on the match before you. A few minutes to clear your mind will help you play your best in the table tennis tournament.

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