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Family feels blessed and complete while embracing a newborn

by:Modern Century     2021-04-01

A few months ago, our group of five friends planned another friend's baby shower. We jostled together in a club nearby and vacated one floor to prepare the mother-to-be's palatial chair. We then used a lot many bedspreads to create a drape effect around the chairs. We organized for the cake-cutting ceremony and other festivities that had to follow, but kept it all a secret for the couple. Most of the close family members, friends and relatives we invited but they were asked to keep it a close guarded secret from the mom-to-be. The list of newborn gifts included nappy cakes, trinkets, oyster eggs, silver plates, pearl beaded rosary, silver ware, memory nameplates, clothes; a heart shaped gold pendant, picture stands, baby record book and three photo albums.

These gifts were wrapped nicely in silver and red packaging that went very well with the rest of the color scheme. These baby shower gifts were then decorated in a semi-circle around the chair where the blessed couple were to be seated. It created a perfect ambience for the ceremony. In the evening, our friends were not only pleasantly surprised but also highly touched by our thoughtful gesture. This also strengthened the bond of friendship in our group. We were tied in an intangible affinity for the unborn kid. That is the magic of baby showers; they welcome the babies into the world with grandeur and opulence. Other festivities that ensure after the baby enters this world are christening day and naming day ceremonies.

A baby shower is celebrated in an exclusive taste and style in different parts of the world and different cultures. People follow several traditional practices to welcome a baby in a particular community. Some families celebrate baby showers in temples or places of worship, rest of them throw lavish parties in clubs. In a few communities, family and relatives gather around the mother-to-be and sing grace, a lot of other communities relatives whisper good-luck and blessings in the mother's ears. But all communities prepare for the newborns to arrive in grace and anticipation. Such is the beauty of process of birth. The recent trends also see addition of a lot of games, interesting activities, guessing the gender activity etc. followed by a high-tea of a fabulous dinner. There should be a baby shower for each kid; every baby shower is different & unique.

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