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Five ways to choose teak outdoor furniture

by:Modern Century     2021-07-23
Each courtyard and terrace has its own style, whether it is European, Chinese or pastoral style. When choosing outdoor furniture, the materials are also colorful. Teak has strong corrosion resistance to a variety of chemical substances, beautiful patterns, elegant colors, good stability, and low deformation. Therefore, many outdoor tables and chairs are made of teak as raw materials, but the teak furniture on the market is mixed. If you want to buy real teak furniture, you have to spend some time on the purchase. One of the characteristics of teak furniture is that teak has high oil content, is warm to the touch, has good elasticity, is not easy to warp, crack, and is resistant to water and fire. It is one of the world's precious tree species. However, many unscrupulous merchants take advantage of the loopholes to sell counterfeit products to consumers. To avoid being deceived, how to choose is the key. Teak furniture, a mixture of fish and dragons, Baixin leisure furniture teaches you to choose the texture: real teak has obvious ink lines and oil spots, and fake teak ink lines are shallow, or absent, or scattered. Second, look at the texture: the same unpainted teak furniture, the real teak feels fine, and it is oily, the surface is shiny, and the fake teak looks dry and dull. Third, look at the weight: Taking wood blocks of the same size as an example, real teak is lighter than rosewood and heavier than hemlock, while fake teak is generally heavier. Four smells: Real teak has a special fragrance, which is mild and not pungent. If the artificial teak itself has no fragrance, if the furniture smells of chemical agents, it proves that it is not real teak. Five look at water absorption: general wood is easy to absorb water. Real teak is oily and the wood is firm, so it drips on the surface and absorbs water very slowly, almost without water absorption. If it is fake teak, dripping water is quickly absorbed. Teak furniture has high density and hardness, beautiful texture, not easy to wear, not easy to break, not easy to deform and many other advantages. Its unique oily fragrance can repel snakes, insects, mice, and ants, and has a natural moth-proof effect. What's more amazing is that its polished surface color is oxidized to a golden color through photosynthesis, and the color changes over time. To be more beautiful, it has become the fashionable pursuit of home furnishings for successful people and high-quality people in society.
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