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For many the office chair is the most important

by:Modern Century     2021-04-01

Many Modern office chairs have these functions built into them. However they can look tired and slightly boring usually in a black or grey plastic finish. The Eames office chairs EA119 was one of the first to bring the adjustable mechanisms into the design of an office chair in 1958. The high back ribbed soft aniline leather of this designer office chair offer a cradle like support right the way up to the neck preventing the user from having irritating back and neck aches. While polished the aluminium frame and aluminium levers still look amazingly modern and stylish. The curved frame sits on 5 star cast aluminium base supported by castors, allowing movement around the office.

While originals of these designer chairs by Vitra in Europe or Herman Miller in the US can fetch anything up to 2000 there are now several manufacturers offering quality reproductions at a fraction of the price. Although some research is needed most of these reproductions designer chairs offer great value for money enhancing any office space while meeting the ergonomic requirements needed in today's' office environment.

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