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Fresh and natural rattan furniture creates a warm atmosphere at home

by:Modern Century     2021-09-21
After years of development, the style of rattan furniture is simple, natural and full of modern flavor and fashion. It is currently one of the first choices for home decoration. Generally, rattan furniture is made of imported plants and is fully hand-woven, which can create a warm atmosphere for the home. Handmade rattan furniture used to give people a quaint feeling, but now the rattan furniture has jumped out of the traditional frame in shape, and has a unique leisurely atmosphere. Especially the classical European-style rattan furniture, coupled with elegant and generous British fabrics, the feeling of elegance and leisure, which can not be expressed by other furniture styles. Many rattan furniture on the market are now designed and produced with smooth and soft lines, luxurious and comfortable shapes, and quite elegant temperament. Classic, modern and neo-classical are all available, so that the rattan furniture does not lose its simple, natural, fresh and refreshing characteristics, but also full of It has a modern atmosphere and stylish features. Rattan furniture is made of natural rattan. Rattan furniture not only has different choices of rattan, rattan bark, and rattan pieces, but also can be matched with many materials such as solid wood and cloth, as well as modern elements such as glass. The frame of rattan furniture is made of solid wood, and most of the rattan is made of Indonesian rattan, and it is basically hand-woven, which is relatively durable and can be used for 20 or even 30 years. Not only that, many hotels are now beginning to popularize neo-classical furniture, rattan and wood furniture styles. Neoclassical rattan furniture is the perfect combination of classic and modern. The elegant, classic, classic and fashionable design style is actually an improved classicism style. On the one hand, the original furniture materials and colors are retained, and the historical traces and rich cultural heritage can still be felt strongly. At the same time, the complex texture and decoration are discarded, and the lines are simplified. The essence comes from classicism. It not only retains the conservativeness, but also pays attention to the practicality of the furniture and improves the comfort of the furniture. According to different styles, neoclassicism is divided into two types: Chinese neoclassical and elegant classic classic fashion. The design of natural rattan furniture has new changes in the use of tones. Aside from the relatively simple color, it is matched with a more elegant sub-white color. It is matched with exquisite ceiling carvings and a solid wood dining chair. Exquisite and elegant! Because fresh and natural rattan furniture creates a warm atmosphere at home, more and more families fall in love with handmade rattan furniture. Rattan furniture
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