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Friends who like rattan furniture, do you know these common sense?

by:Modern Century     2021-09-07
First of all, rattan furniture is very breathable and feels very refreshing. Generally, the simpler rattan wood color in the pictures of rattan furniture is helpful to calm the nerves, and it is now popular + eye rattan series, the style is more casual and comfortable, if we can use rattan in our bedroom as much as possible in summer Furniture and rattan chairs are good for summer heat and sleep. Warm in winter and cool in summer is a characteristic of rattan furniture. In addition, rattan furniture has to go through a series of processes such as cooking, drying, bleaching, mold prevention, disinfection and sterilization during the original processing process, making it very durable. This is also one of the reasons for the higher price of rattan. Rattan furniture can achieve biodegradation in the air, so the use of our rattan furniture is very environmentally friendly and will not cause more environmental pollution. Disadvantages: The ultraviolet rays in the sun will make the rattan degenerate and brittle. Long-term sunlight will make our rattan furniture fade, and some expensive rattan furniture will dry, loosen and come off. Rattan furniture is quite good. Rattan weaving generally goes through dozens of processes such as rattan beating (cutting the knots on the rattan), picking rattan, washing rattan, drying rattan, twisting rattan, pulling rattan (planing rattan), cutting rattan, bleaching, dyeing, weaving, painting, etc. . 1. Rattan weaving is mainly based on rattan branches, rattan cores or bamboo, and then woven with rattan bark or young rattan cores to give full play to the characteristics of the rattan’s softness and resistance to breaking; 2. In terms of color, most of the original rattan’s lightness is used. Yellow, or processed and bleached into white or ivory, it looks soft and elegant, and some are matched with brown, brown, etc.; 3. Rattan furniture uses thick rattan as the skeleton, nailed, and then woven with rattan bark and rattan core. Finish, paint or color at the end; 4. Matters needing attention: After the rattan furniture absorbs moisture, the cracks between the rattan slats are prone to mold and mold. It should be cleaned frequently, but cannot be placed in direct sunlight after cleaning, which will make the rattan If the furniture is deformed or broken, the rattan furniture after cleaning only needs to be placed in a ventilated place. The moisture absorption box is mainly used for partial dehumidification. It is suitable for absorbing moisture in rattan storage boxes such as wardrobes and shoe cabinets. You only need to unpack the moisture absorption box and put it in. After a period of time, water will accumulate at the bottom of the moisture absorption box. The desiccant gradually disappeared. When the rattan furniture is found to be moth-eaten, the pepper noodles or chili noodles can be used to kill insects and prevent moths. Combine half of Chinese pepper and half of fine salt, stir-fry, grind, and stuff into boreholes, then wrap the bored noodles with plastic cloth or a small plastic bag to keep the smell from leaking.
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