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by:Modern Century     2021-03-31

It has been made built on a philosophy to make wood furniture in its most natural form; using Solid Wood construction. There are various types of Kincaid furniture like bar stools, beds, bedroom sets, dining tables, mirrors etc.

In this furniture it uses two types of woods like soft wood as well as hard wood. Both of these woods make for beautiful case pieces in our extensive solid wood line.

The hardwood is the wood which is made from broad leave trees such as mahogany, walnut.

Some instructions to keep your furniture so that it looks beautiful for years:

Furniture should not be exposed to extreme humidity or temperature. It may result to wood and the lacquer to crack.

Hot coffee cups, dishes, cigarettes etc. should not be kept directly on the base of the furniture.

Various types of Kincaid furniture are as follows:

Armoires: Somerset Armoire is one of the best models of Armoires. The dimensions of this chest are 78 H x 45 W x 22 D (inches) TV Opening: 32 H x 39 W x 17.5 D (inches). The Brook side Cherry Morgan Armoire is also another type of Kincaid Armoires. The style of this armoire is of traditional in nature. The dimension of this chest is 74 H x 45 W x 24 D and for TV opening is 30x38x20.

Bar Stools: there are lots of varieties of bar stools. The Alston bistro stool is one of the good models of bar stool. Its height is 30x18x16. The style of this stool is of Contemporary.

This bar stool has several features like:

Nail head trim

Contemporary styling

Black leather seat

Stonewater Upholstered Counter Height Stool is another good model of Bar stools. It have several features like Upholstered Counter Height Stool in Dark Oak finish.

It is crafted from Alder and selected solid hardwoods the way mother nature intended. With natural beauty marks such as open knots, worm holes and other distinctive markings, no two pieces are the same.

Benches: It makes an instructive feature for any home with well-defined finishes. The Highland Park benches as well as vanity bench are types of benches. The Highland Park bench is of casual in nature. Its height is 18x48x14 inches. This solid wood furniture collection features functional pieces for the entire home with extensive asymmetrical and modular storage configurations throughout. Contemporary sophistication becomes truly versatile with a choice of a light cherry finish, or deep merlot finish; both resulting in a lustrous, smooth sheen accented by polished nickel hardware for a cool, sleek look.

Kincaid's main focus is devoted to making the fullest quality products possible. It is attached to the responsible position of the environment by segregating environmentally good business concern practices into your regular business judgments within wholesale and import furniture activities. It provides stylish aggregation to everyone with complete designs, styles and attractiveness.

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