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Garden furniture, a poetic expression in reality

by:Modern Century     2021-08-07
Life is your lover. If you love her, she will show you the poetic beauty. If you treat her slowly, don't blame her for turning around and giving her amorous feelings to others. Many people’s dream is to have a home like a garden and live a life like a holiday. Wake up to the sound of birdsong, wash in the scent of flowers, and live a poem every day, simple and delicate, elegant and calm. So, what kind of experience is it to have a poetic life? The poetry in reality is probably like looking forward to the arrival of the beginning of the month, seeing that the flow is still full of joy, probably when you receive a sudden romance from your lover, a momentary surprise, probably tonight you know that after you wake up tomorrow morning, you will With the dazzling sunshine, let yourself chase that joy. Of course, when poetry becomes a part of life, a small garden in a garden can satisfy you in the morning, waking up in a familiar and romantic blues love song, and the warm sunshine is overflowing in the garden. Wandering in the garden with the family, looking at the dew-covered flowers, feeling the fresh air, enjoying a delicious breakfast together in the modern Century outdoor furniture in the garden, and starting a good mood for the day. In my leisure time in the afternoon, I occasionally play with the cheerful flowers and plants in the courtyard. When tired, squint and lie on the hand-woven wicker chair, watching the birds fly by, watching the white clouds in the clear blue sky, let time flow slowly, and dare not easily interrupt the tenderness of the wind. Honey. In the evening, hang up all kinds of small lights, sit in the garden with eyes full of green, eat and drink tea, sit on the comfortable sofa, chat about life with friends, the breeze is slow, and the summer is romantic.
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