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Garden outdoor furniture creation: there is a courtyard in the house, and a house in the garden

by:Modern Century     2021-08-01
Lin Yutang’s Xianya courtyard is also a thousand years of elegance engraved in the bones of the Chinese people. A wall of several meters encloses a courtyard, and the poetry of outdoor furniture, rain on plantains, candles on begonias, and moonlighting is hidden into life. There is no court to live in the Chinese yard complex. In Wang Shouzhi's 'China Complex in the BoneYards, ranging from family houses in Shanxi, to Hui-style dwellings, from waterfront houses in Jiangnan water towns, to Xiguan Houses in Guangzhou, where courtyards and residential spaces are intertwined, the environment is stretched, and the environment is private. It is also another high-quality lifestyle.' 'There is no house without a house, and a house must have a courtyard.' Put a set of outdoor furniture in the courtyard to live in. The courtyard culture of China has been cultivated for thousands of years. One Yard, One World Yard is a kind of home for people. Yu Qiuyu said that a courtyard is a place to settle life, family members, and spirit. After a green fence encloses a family, there is an independent world inside, and the courtyard is their world. Courtyard life not only represents a kind of living dream, but also a private world where you can return to nature and relax. Courtyard is a kind of destination, derived from the inherent interdependence between man and nature, and is deeply locked in the unchanging spiritual context of the Chinese people. Escape the world in the courtyard, arrange outdoor furniture for the courtyard, and be yourself in the courtyard. The more you understand a courtyard and a landscape, the more you appreciate each yard, which has its own unique landscape. People who see it are dissatisfied with seeing it. Only people in it can be there. As the saying goes, a ten-thousand-hectare building is not as good as a corner courtyard: a set of outdoor furniture for the courtyard, the elderly can live in peace, the wife has a garden, and the children are free to play...Wandering in the meantime, comfortable and comfortable. Get into this undisturbed courtyard space, gently shake a wicker chair, and let the time slow down. A bunch of slanting sun, a game of game, humiliation without surprise, no intention to leave. There is a courtyard in the house, a house in the garden, a courtyard in the house, a tree in the courtyard, the tree sees the sky, and the sky has the moon. Not too happy!
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