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Hardwood is a lifetime investment, and thus needs

by:Modern Century     2021-03-13

At times, you may also find the need to do screening and re-coating, especially if the floor shows signs of wear. If you have heavy furniture, their weight may have an impact on your floor. Over time, they can cause some indentations. To prevent any damages, you may want to use felt pads or protector pads on each leg of the furniture. The felt pads can also be used on chair legs and table legs.

Each day, cleaning the wooden floor is necessary. But it need not be extensive. Using a soft broom is enough to sweep off the dirt and dust. In some homes, sweeping the floor with a soft broom is done as often as necessary. You may also use a dry mop to reach out to concealed areas, such as where the furniture stands.

Applying floor wax is generally done after cleaning. It can also be in liquid form. Cleaning products especially formulated for wood cleaning are also in liquid form. These wood cleaning products are disinfectants and anti-germicidal, to ensure that the wooden floor is free of harmful bacteria.

Applying liquid cleaning agents is as easy as pouring a sufficient amount on the floor, and using a damp cloth. The cleaning agent is spread throughout other areas, wiping out dirt and stains.

To avoid having more dirt on the floor, placing rugs and floor mats may be helpful. Place these mats at the entrances so dirt and dust from shoe are staved off before they reach the floor.

A vacuum is also a good and common cleaning equipment. It sucks out almost anything on its way-dirt, dust and objects. Using a vacuum is effective in reaching out areas that are hard to reach with brooms and mops. However, vacuum cannot guarantee that germs are removed from the floor, much less killed. Stains too are not cleansed, unless intentionally cleaned with a pre-soaked brush, sponge or cloth.

If you need to use a wet mop on the wooden floor, you have to ensure that the mop does not contain too much water as it can damage the wood. Water or moisture can cause the wood to expand and swell. This can cause the floor to splinter or crack. Use as little water as you can. Try to use a damp cloth or sponge in removing stains and dirt. If water or any liquid is spilled onto the floor, clean it up as soon as possible.

In using cleaning agents for wood floor cleaning, avoid oil soaps and anything that contains ammonia. These substances can dull the finish of your wooden floor and ruin its aesthetics. They will also affect the floor's ability to be re-coated.

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