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High-quality outdoor tables and chairs, with you in the garden

by:Modern Century     2021-07-23
Garden leisure tables and chairs are the most basic, common, commonly used, and oldest type of garden furniture. It is usually used in combination with tables and chairs, in harmony with style, shape and color. Garden leisure tables and chairs can be divided into 'three-piece1. Cast aluminum garden leisure tables and chairs Metal garden leisure tables and chairs are garden furniture, mainly made of thin-walled metal pipes and thin plates such as cast iron, aluminum alloy, and stainless steel. Metal garden leisure tables and chairs can be divided into garden leisure tables and chairs with all-metal structure, garden leisure tables and chairs combined with metal and wood, and garden leisure tables and chairs combined with metal and other non-metal materials. 2. Wooden garden leisure tables and chairs. Wood is a kind of wood with good texture and bright color. It is a natural material with beautiful texture, easy to process and shape. It is also a material with large volume, wide distribution and easy retrieval. Currently, there are products on the outdoor furniture market. The wood suitable for outdoor environment mainly includes pine, fir, teak, ash, eucalyptus, PS environmental wood and so on. 3. Rattan garden leisure tables and chairs Rattan furniture refers to furniture made of rattan as the main substrate, which is divided into real rattan furniture and imitation rattan furniture. Although real rattan products have many advantages such as natural freshness and excellent processing performance, they are difficult to clean and prone to mildew and other problems, which often trouble users. With the development of science and technology, modified polymer materials began to appear. These materials can be synthesized into a variety of composite materials similar to the appearance of rattan to replace the plant rattan. They are called plastic rattan furniture, plastic rattan furniture, and sometimes rattan furniture.
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