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Hiring a coach to help a person become better

by:Modern Century     2021-03-22

As everyone can always use tips on how to do something, table tennis has its own set of guiding factors to help those who enjoy the sport to have a more fun overall playing experience.

The following eight table tennis tips will help the amateur and expert alike to perform better and have a higher probability of winning the game:

Mix Serves Between Spin Strength And Length Of Serve

Just like serving in regular court tennis, mixing up one's table tennis serve to vary the amount of spin and the total length it travels is one way to maximize one's point total, as the serving player's opponent won't have any idea what to expect next and will therefore not know how to react, thus increasing his chances of missing the ball altogether. A secret table tennis tip is to serve the ball toward the opposing player's elbow, since that player will then have to decide (and usually not in time) whether to return the ball with a forehand or a backhand.

The Third Ball Attack Strategy

This is one of the table tennis tips that involves a strategy of winning on the third ball. In other words, the serving player will serve the ball, the receiver will hit it back, and the server can then smash one over the net to win the point. The server also has the advantage here because it has been proven that the person who opens up the game will be the point, set, and match winner.

When Receiving A Serve, Watch The Opponent's Racket

Keeping one's eye strictly on the ball will allow the opposing player to trick the receiver and win the point. Therefore, taking a quick glance at how high the server tosses the ball and then a glance back to that person's racket helps the receiving player to more accurately return the serve.

Mix Returns When On The Receiving End

Not only can the serving player use deceptive tricks, but the receiver may as well by mixing it up when he returns the ball. A combination package of loops, drives, pushes, and chop shots should make one's opponent so confused that the server loses the point.

Pay Careful Attention To The Play Equipment Used

A medium fast blade on one's table tennis racket is the next tip to make play even more effective. A medium fast blade allows for more technique and less reliance on the racket itself to push the ball over the net, while providing an ideal amount of hitting control.

Using A Forehand Will Yield The Best Point Results

Shuffling back and forth from side to side is the way to get the most accurate drive on one's forehand. And though using a forehand technique will allow a player to get in that smash hit more easily, having an equally strong backhand will make said player even more of a threat since he can more easily baffle his opponent with the kind of shot he will hit down the line next.

Practice One Or Two Unique Serves To Further The Chance Of Winning

The expert players are the first to say that having one or two serving styles belonging exclusively to that player is one of the more important table tennis tips to heed.

A serve that has been shown to be the most difficult to return is when the ball bounces with a high and heavy backspin once on the serving player's side of the table but very close to the net, and then lands on the receiving player's side of the table once again very close to the net.

Playing the game of table tennis in this manner also helps to develop spin for other kinds of game shots.

Temper Control

Serena Williams is famous for her recent outburst directed at a referee during a professional tennis match. As much as this behavior is out ruled out in tennis, the same goes for the etiquette of table tennis competitors.

Controlling one's temper is all about deciding the ways to get even to earn those extra points back and win the point, set, and match.

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