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Holiday Ideas for September, well its back to

by:Modern Century     2021-03-26

To help you find your ideal holiday for September we've split this into sections:

Short and mid haul would be up to 6 hours flying time, long haul is anything over this.

Sunny Beach Holiday Ideas: Short and mid Haul

Croatia, Makarska Riviera A great September holiday idea is to visit the Makarska Riviera, 85km from Split (fly to Split) with its perfect semi-circular small harbour. Makarska lives up to its too-good-to-be-true appearance. The wide promenade, bursting with fashionable cafes, restaurants and boutiques, is backed by an old town of narrow, stone-paved streets. The modern hotels are built just outside the bay with their own curving, pine protected beaches. An excellent mixture of old and new: sports, relaxation, culture, sightseeing, shopping and eating out.

Most resorts offer a spectacular choice of watersports such as waterskiing, boats rides and scuba diving in the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic is a 'must'. Tennis, table tennis, bowling, mini-golf and volleyball are just as popular. Mountain-climbing is also a local tradition dating back to the early 1800s with a stunning unspoilt landscape, this is hiker's paradise. Croatia has the advantage that is is not part of the Euro zone, so prices will not have inflated due to drop in the pound against the Euro.

Marrakech, Morocco The ancient Berber capital is rich in history, culture, and French-inspired restaurants. Set against the dramatic backdrop of the Atlas Mountains, Marrakech is traditionally Moroccan. By day, the main square of Djemaa El Fna buzzes with stalls selling everything from mint tea to cast-off teeth. By night, groups of exotic Berber dancers claim it for their own. Cyprus Mythical birthplace of Aphrodite, Cyprus offers a welcome as warm as its climate. The holiday season lasts all year long here, but in September temperatures will start declining from their Summer peaks (which could be well into the forties degrees centigrade) and will probably be in the thirties.

This should be more than hot enough for most sun lovers. Try heading for the resort of Limassol a good blend of beach life and night life which will still be in full swing. Villas in Cyprus are ideal for exploring the rich historic legacy of this island, sitting at the crossroads of three continents and bearing traces of many great civilizations. There are Greek and Roman remains to discover, as well as reminders of the island's Ottoman past, just a short trip from whichever villa you rent.

Sunny Beach Holiday Ideas: Long haul

One area to probably avoid at this time of year is the Caribbean/ Florida, this is the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season (from June and going into November), 6 hurricanes occurred in September 2008, two category four (almost the worst). This was big proportion of the total, so they are more likely in September than other months. Also avoid Southern India and Goa as this is the Season of the The Retreating monsoon (September) for this same reason also rule out Sri Lanka and The Maldives. So in September we should look for Holiday Ideas in Africa, Australia, South Africa, Brazil and the Southern India Ocean like Madagascar, and Zanzibar. Gambia is brilliant for pure beach holidays.

Activity and Active Holiday Ideas If you are looking to do more than just Sun yourself on the beach we have some fantastic ideas for you in September its a really great time to be getting out and travelling in many parts of the world.

Fall in New England The leaves start to turn towards mid September and are at their best at the end of the month and through October. The unpredictable factors that influence the rate at which leaves change colors are rain, the amount of sugar in the leaves, the number of daylight hours and temperatures. Peak foliage in New England works its way down from the north. The further north you go, the earlier the peak.

For Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, your best bet is anywhere from the last week of September through the first week or two of October. Make your trip about more than just leaves so that you won't be disappointed. There's more to autumn fun in New England than peak foliage. Sip hot cider, pick apples, take a hay ride, hike, bike or attend a festival. Keep in mind, too, that even a hint of colour can be beautiful.

Kenya / Tanzania Receiving dry warm weather throughout August, with average temperature reaching 25 degrees celsius, and rainfall just measuring to 60mm, Kenya is a magnificent country to take a trip to. With two of the most famous game reserves in East Africa; the Masai Mara and the Amboseli, this country promises a safari experience second to none. Herds of wildebeest can be seen sweeping across the African savannah, whilst watching in awe as the wild elephants graze in the Amboseli. Revered by the local Kikuyu tribes, Mount Kenya, an imposing extinct volcano which is covered in forests, moorland and ice glaciers, is the highest peak in Kenya, towering over 5,000 metres of the African landscape.

All of the fascinating wildlife, the coral reefs, forest reserves and a rich historical heritage make Kenya a captivating country. The best game viewing you can fit into 13 days - elephant, lion, wildebeest, black & white rhino, antelope of every kind, zebra and giraffe can be seen through the Great Rift Valley and in the confined space of the Ngorongoro Crater. Meet the Masai people and if you're lucky, experience a migration. See Mt Kilimanjaro's snow capped peaks from a distance or for the more adventurous, add on a Kilimanjaro Climb.

Alternatively for those with less time , or who want to pack in a bit of beach time too, there is a 7 day tour, meeting in Nairobi. You leave Kenya swiftly behind to enter Tanzania; home to the highest peak in Africa Mt Kilimanjaro, two of the largest wildlife sanctuaries on the continent, and the unique Ngorongoro Crater. This visit has us concentrating on the north west corner of this vast country, seeking out migrating herds of plains game and searching for the endangered Black Rhino on the crater floor. Add on a Zanzibar extension to make this tour a true environmental and cultural experience, one to invigorate and release the stresses of everyday life.

Istanbul, Turkey The mysterious city straddles East and West with fine affordable restaurants and tantalising glimpses of the Orient. The Arcadia is a recently restored hotel in the old city, with the Blue Mosque and Grand Bazaar nearby. As Europe's bridge into Asia and the Middle-East, Turkey is a uniquely diverse country in which to enjoy an activity holiday. In Turkey modernity meets tradition and east meets west: Byzantine folk music and contemporary rock music, ancient Hittite sites and Roman remnants, glorious palaces and towering skyscrapers, supermarkets and bazaars, and churches and mosques, all sit happily side by side.

With delicious cuisine, gorgeous architecture and people whose reputation for hospitality is well-deserved, Turkey will has a richness and diversity that will appeal to all, whether you are looking for a destination for your singles, teenage or family adventure holidays. Boasting high mountain ranges punctuated with clear lakes and rivers, picturesque villages enveloped in olive groves, deep valleys and canyons, and over 4,000km of beautiful Mediterranean coastline, Turkey provides endless opportunities for exploration.

After an exploration of exotic Istanbul's labyrinthine bazaars and ancient mosques, you fly Kayseri and travel to the Taurus mountains to enjoy great opportunities for remote trekking in Europe. Nine days of walking takes you from the Emli Valley into canyons, through woods, over high passes and alongside high mountain lakes, reaching a high point of 3723m. Each night is spent camping among the wild landscape. After the trek you head into Cappadocia, a bizarre landscape of eroded spires and underground cities created over thousands of years.

Nevada, Las Vegas While the bright lights of Las Vegas might be Nevada's headline attraction, the Silver State is also home to a myriad of other exciting activities. September temperatures are in the mid thirties degrees, rainfall should be minimal.

Hiking and biking to fishing and hunting are all available amid the stunning National Parks, including the infamous Death Valley, while the winter brings snow and the possibility of skiingi at Lake Tahoe's 15 resorts in the north of the state. Moving into autumn, Hearts O' Gold Cantaloupe Festival and Country Fair will take place between September 4th-7th. The event will feature concerts, parades, a livestock show, mud volleyball, entertainment, kid's games, and cantaloupe foods and contests.

Head out to the Churchill County Fairgrounds in Fallon to taste the sweet fruit of the season and take part in the fun. The Annual Virginia City International Camel Races are also set for September. While not known for their speed, these desert troopers hit the racetrack as a nostalgic reminder of the Comstock Lode's bonanza days. This family event features camel and ostrich races for a hilariously good time.

Later in the month, the Wild West Extravaganza brings a 'boomtown' to life in the historic town of Pahrump with a gambling hall, stable, blacksmith's shop and sheriff's office. Gunfighters keep the crowd on its toes, while they browse vendor booths and listen to music. Don't miss the Civil War Re-Enactment or the dinner-theatre performance.

A couple of days later the Ruby Mountain Balloon Festival will see the sky over Elko fill with more than 40 brightly coloured balloons.

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