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Hotel rattan furniture Dongguan Modern Century introduces the traditional craftsmanship of rattan furniture

by:Modern Century     2021-09-23
Hotel rattan furniture Dongguan Modern Century introduces: Rattan, as a fast-growing material, used in the manufacture of furniture reflects people’s increased environmental awareness and the desire to return to nature. With various rattan and green craft products entering thousands of households, It has become a new round of home decoration fashion.   Rattan is a dense, strong, lightweight and tough natural material that is not afraid of squeezing, soft and elastic. Since it is produced in the south, whether rattan furniture can adapt to the dry climate in the north has become the most important concern of consumers. The current rattan furniture has overcome the shortcomings of natural materials that are susceptible to decay and deformation. When making furniture, after the materials are finely processed, they must be sterilized by ultraviolet radiation and steam high temperature treatment to make the rattan raw materials uniform. The processing specifications make the surface of the rattan made delicate, smooth, and have the characteristics of mildew-proof, moth-proof and sanitary. Some high-end rattan furniture must be polished, polished, and even painted to make the finished product look firm and durable.   In terms of shape, traditional rattan furniture is inevitably simple and rough, and advanced technology makes today's rattan furniture a new look, not only has smooth lines, but also can produce furniture with different styles and characteristics. At the same time, due to the use of pure natural materials, some hand-woven elements will be added to the rattan furniture, which improves the quality of the furniture itself and ensures that the rattan furniture does not lose its simple, natural, fresh and refreshing characteristics. Natural rattan furniture is environmentally friendly and healthy.
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