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How can you not be cheated when buying a solid wood dining table?

by:Modern Century     2022-04-23
You will always hear the term “nine pits out of ten” when buying solid wood panel furniture, so everyone is likely to be full of fear, but they don’t know how to identify them, not to mention the same wood in different countries. There is a difference. A solid wood dining table is a dining table made of wood as a specific material. Generally, the furniture composed of solid wood panels is very rarely mixed with other chemical raw materials, and the key raw materials and auxiliary materials are very rarely used. The four legs and the control panel are all solid wood panels. Plus the holes, and most of the connections in the middle of the control panel are the same. Let's take a look at how to avoid buying fakes when buying solid wood dining tables. 1. Identify whether it is a solid wood frame The solid wood frame means that the shelf is solid wood, and the place where the material is large is the board. This type of solid wood dining table is easy to sway in the later stage. There are two reasons for this situation. One is that the quality of the wood is average, and the other is that the structure is basically made of nails. In addition, it is easy to expand and contract with heat. The nails are different from wood, and the furniture will loosen after a long time. 2. Identify whether the toothed board is a toothed wood. The toothed wood is a whole board that is spliced u200bu200bwith wood pieces or wood blocks with glue, and then the furniture is made of toothed boards. The painted exterior feels like solid wood. Both frame solid wood and toothed wood furniture are called solid wood furniture, which is actually just related to solid wood. Basically, we see that more than 80% of solid wood furniture are of this kind. 3. Identify whether it is a mortise and tenon structure The mortise and tenon structure is a commonly used technique in solid wood furniture. Generally speaking, the two types mentioned above are rarely used in the mortise and tenon structure. The tenon-and-mortise structure is very popular in China, because the expansion coefficients of metal and solid wood are very different, and the structural connection is not a tenon-and-mortise structure, and it is easy to loosen in the later stage. Fourth, see whether it has been surface treated. Generally, the older generation will have a lot of surface treatment techniques, such as a large set of coloring and waxing, and waxing and sealing glue should not be ignored. Among them, the thick putty sprayed with various kinds of paint is collectively referred to as the Yugai Michang School. The reason is that its material is not good enough, and these surface effects are needed to cover up its shortcomings. In this case, we must avoid it. This article introduces to you how to avoid buying fakes when buying a solid wood dining table. I hope it will be helpful to everyone! Jiangshan Ruisheng Furniture is currently oriented to dining tables and chairs. With its superior transportation network and local skilled craftsmen, it uses wood imported from Thailand, Malaysia and other countries as raw materials. , manufacturing, specialization and serialization of furniture manufacturing enterprises. If you want to know more information about solid wood dining table, please pay more attention to our website!
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