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How should the solid wood dining table be cleaned? Here's a tip for you!

by:Modern Century     2022-04-26
A dining table is a must-have piece of furniture in every home. Its usage is also very high. After all, people are iron, and rice is steel; you have to eat three meals a day. A solid wood dining table is a dining table made of solid wood. The solid wood dining table is made of natural materials, healthy and environmentally friendly, with exquisite craftsmanship. It is a must-have product for many high-quality families. More and more families will choose to buy solid wood dining tables, which are very convenient and easy to use. Always accidentally get the table dirty while eating. So how should the solid wood dining table be cleaned? 1. Cleaning of dust and water stains If it is just general stains, such as dust, water stains, etc., just use a clean dry cloth or paper towel to clean it. If you need to use a wet rag to wipe clean, you also need to wet the rag with water and wring it out before wiping. 2. Cleaning of oil stains, soup, etc. The solid wood dining table is used for eating, and it is very common to leave oil or soup after use. If you are dealing with this type of stain, you can wipe it with a rag dampened with a neutral detergent, and then wipe it a second time with a clean rag dampened with water and wrung out. 3. Cleaning of special stains If there are some stubborn special stains on the solid wood dining table, such as the dining table is blackened by cigarette butts, or burned by candles, you can use expired milk or lemon at home to clean. The above is a summary of the cleaning of dust, water, oil and other stains. I hope it will be helpful to everyone! If you want to know more about the solid wood dining table, please pay more attention to us!
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