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How should the solid wood dining table be maintained? Which wood dining table should I choose?

by:Modern Century     2022-04-26
The solid wood dining table has always been loved by everyone. When many people buy a dining table, the first consideration is the solid wood dining table, and the appearance of the solid wood dining table also gives people a simple and elegant feeling, and it is very tall in the home. However, the solid wood dining table is not like the dining table and the natural marble dining table. It must be well maintained. Today, let’s talk about the maintenance of the solid wood dining table and the choice of wood! 1. The maintenance method of the solid wood dining table (1) The solid wood dining table should avoid sunlight For direct exposure, place it away from a place where there is a lot of air movement. (2) In winter, the solid wood dining table cannot be placed too close to the heater or under the heater of the air conditioner, because the temperature is too high, which may cause the deformation and cracking of the wood! (3) When cleaning daily, use a soft cotton rag to smoothen the Gently wipe with the texture, do not choose a hard rag to wipe, it may scratch the wooden surface and affect the appearance and life! (4) Every six months or a year, the solid wood dining table should be waxed and maintained, so as to make the solid wood dining table longer service life. Second, the choice of wood for solid wood dining table (1) Walnut Walnut has a long growth cycle and has the advantages of hard material, good stability, and not easy to deform. Moreover, its growth rings will stop growing in winter, showing obvious annual ring characteristics, and the pattern is very beautiful after cutting. (2) Ebony wood Ebony wood has straight texture, good gloss, fine structure, high strength, good hardness, and stable material, making it a high-quality processed wood. (3) Bahua Ba flower board has a wide width and beautiful patterns. Using Ba flower as a solid wood dining table will appear very heavy. hardwood. The above is about the maintenance and purchase skills of solid wood dining table! If you want to know more about home improvement knowledge, please pay more attention to us, we will continue to bring you high-quality home improvement information! If you have any questions about home improvement, you can also leave us a message , we will answer you as soon as possible!
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