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How to buy rattan furniture

by:Modern Century     2021-09-21
1. Choose famous factories and famous shops to buy rattan furniture. Due to the particularity of the material and technology of rattan furniture, some professional rattan furniture manufacturers choose imported rattan with better texture, and then after high temperature sterilization and disinfection, the rattan raw materials are drawn into a certain length and thickness by the machine. It is made by skilled workers according to the design plan of designers and craftsmen, and then sprayed with high-grade polyester oil for rattan furniture after molding.  2. After choosing the product, the customer has to sit on it and try to see if there is shaking or creaking due to excessive force, and check whether the joints of the furniture are firm. There are many common rattan furniture on the market, and there are different choices of materials. According to the age and size of the rattan, different furniture can be made. Rattan furniture has many advantages, not easy to crack or graceful, and it is relatively used. Soft and comfortable, it can be made into all kinds of exquisite small furniture, and it has a good effect whether it is placed in the living room or the bedroom. But rattan furniture must pay attention to cleaning and maintenance, because rattan materials are relatively thin after all, do not place them outdoors in feng shui and sun, which will easily cause the materials to decay and deteriorate and affect their service life.  
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