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How to choose a good solid wood dining table from various aspects?

by:Modern Century     2022-05-01
How to choose a good set of dining table and chairs is related to the money you spend on the dining table and whether it is worth it. A good set of dining tables and chairs can not only increase the appearance of home decoration, but also improve the dining atmosphere, but many netizens are instantly confused about how to choose a good set of solid wood dining tables. ?Today, let's talk about dining table and chairs. We will use solid wood dining table as an example, how to choose a dining table from various aspects. 1. Look at the appearance Whether the surface paint film of the solid wood dining table is smooth and bright, whether there are quality defects such as air bubbles, wrinkles, and broken; Whether the edge sealing treatment of each part is strict and straight, whether there is degumming, whether the surface is smooth and flat, whether there is any bump. It also depends on whether the color difference of the desktop board is large. If it is solid wood, there will be a certain color difference and whether the pattern is consistent. It is difficult for pure solid wood to have the same pattern, unless the middle section of the entire tree is taken, but this possibility is almost impossible. 2. Look at the craftsmanship The workmanship of the solid wood dining table and chairs is not meticulous. You can observe from the combined part to check whether the structure of the solid wood dining table and chairs is reasonable and whether the frame is correct and firm. For the furniture of the overall structure, each connection point, including the connection point between the horizontal and vertical, must be tight, and there should be no gaps or looseness. Gently push it with your hand, if it shakes or makes a creaking sound, it means the structure is not strong. The service life of a piece of furniture is closely related to the high quality of the hardware connectors. The tightness of the hardware itself determines the overall tightness of the furniture. 3. Size Furniture should not only be beautiful, but also practical. Whether the size of the furniture conforms to ergonomic principles and the specified size determines whether the furniture is convenient to use. The minimum height of the dining table is not less than 80cm, and the maximum height is not more than 85cm. Dining chair 45-48cm. The dining table and dining chair should be proportional, the table is higher, and the relative chair will be higher. 4. Look at environmental protection The solid wood dining table is deeply loved by consumers because of its natural material, environmental protection and health. When purchasing a solid wood dining table, from the perspective of environmental protection, the coating process can choose varnish or wood wax oil. Varnish and wood wax oil are suitable for various solid wood materials, and wood wax oil is higher than varnish in environmental protection level. 5. Functionality Before buying a solid wood dining table, we also need to determine how big our dining area is, so that we can better determine the size and shape of the solid wood dining table. The long solid wood dining table requires a larger dining area, and the round one feels relatively smaller. The irregular one is smaller and more suitable for two people to use, while the foldable one has less requirements and is more flexible. The above is a detailed introduction to the selection of solid wood dining tables from the aspects of appearance, craftsmanship, size, environmental protection and functionality. For more information about solid wood dining table, please continue to follow us!
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