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How to choose and maintain handmade rattan furniture products

by:Modern Century     2021-09-20
Rattan and wood furniture generally refers to the combination of rattan and wood furniture, which is made of natural solid wood and imported Indonesian plant and rattan materials to make a frame, which is made by hand weaving. Rattan furniture is a low-carbon and environmentally friendly green furniture. Let's understand the knowledge of its purchase and maintenance. Rattan furniture has the advantages of durability, warm in winter and cool in summer, and the most important thing is low-carbon and environmentally friendly green furniture. Why? Because its raw materials are environmentally friendly, natural rattan materials are green and environmentally friendly room materials. The plant vine is a kind of plant that grows in the tropical rain forest. The stem is covered with ducts. It has very good air permeability. Its outer skin is very thick and hard, so it has a very strong character. When it comes to rattan and wood furniture, many young generations born in the 90s and 00s will think that they are too old-fashioned and not atmospheric. Many people have this kind of misunderstanding about rattan furniture. They will combine with the impression of rattan chairs of the older generation, thinking that rattan furniture is very old-fashioned and not high-end. In fact, with the current production technology, the rattan and wood furniture nowadays is more upscale than the pure all-rattan furniture in the past. The combination of Indonesian real rattan and high-end solid wood frame is not only more durable and durable, but also has a particularly long service life. In addition, the current rattan wood furniture incorporates many fashionable elements, which not only reflects the classic rattan wood, but also adds elements of current trends to cater to the tastes of the younger generation. Let's learn about the purchase and maintenance of rattan furniture. The purchase of rattan furniture mainly starts from the following aspects: First, the surface feel, whether the surface of the rattan furniture is smooth and free of burrs. Second, the quality of rattan furniture made from new and old rattans is different. Old rattans are hard, flexible and pressure-bearing, while new rattans are relatively low in toughness and mildness and are easy to break. Third, the stability of the frame. When buying, we can shake the rattan furniture by hand to see if the frame of the furniture is stable. If it creaks again, the stability of the furniture is poor. Fourth, the product brand, the purchase of branded rattan and wood furniture, both after-sales and quality are relatively guaranteed. Of course, furniture that is not a brand must be good, so we still need to choose carefully when buying. No matter what kind of furniture, if you want to give full play to its life span, you need to maintain it, and rattan furniture is no exception. Pay attention to the following aspects in the maintenance of rattan furniture. First, avoid direct sunlight. Long-term sunlight will dry, loosen and detach the rattan furniture. Second, avoid getting close to the fire source. Remember that rattan products are not close to fire and heat sources. If you want to put hot pots, casseroles and other very hot foods on the rattan table, you must remember to put a heat insulation pad. Third, maintain ventilation, especially during the rainy season in the south. Maintaining ventilation can prevent mildew from forming and prolong the life of rattan furniture. Imagine that your home is a room full of tropical pastoral style. You hold a cup of coffee, leaning on a wicker chair, touching its smooth and flexible surface, and enjoying a relaxed and happy mood. Rattan furniture has this unique and extraordinary Quality. A big rattan bed from Indonesia, a French beauty chair, a set of pure Southeast Asian style rattan wood coffee table, maybe it is this simple three or two pieces of rattan wood furniture, the atmosphere at home is completely different, no longer cold. It is a home full of hope and warmth in life. Even in the halls and balconies with some small rattan flower stands and coffee tables, small decorations can create magnificent pastoral pictures. The above is some common knowledge about the purchase and maintenance of rattan furniture, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Rattan furniture
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