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How to clean and maintain the rattan sofa

by:Modern Century     2021-09-08
How to clean and maintain the rattan art sofa. Rattan furniture is one of the oldest furniture in history. Its raw material comes from a palm climbing plant that grows in tropical forests. It is light and tough, with super flexibility, so it can weave various styles of furniture. In addition, the heat conduction performance is poor, so that the rattan furniture has the effect of warming in winter and cool in summer. Wicker sofas are simple and natural, fresh and refreshing, and are very popular furniture for living. Wicker sofas have the toughness of rattan, very strong and durable, and are most suitable for consumer groups who pursue a quiet and comfortable lifestyle. In daily life, the most important thing to pay attention to in the maintenance of wicker chairs and sofas is to clean, and the second thing to pay attention to is to keep ventilated, prevent ultraviolet rays, insects, and avoid close to the heater. The following is a detailed introduction to how to clean and maintain your own rattan sofa. 2. How to maintain the rattan sofa. 1. The most important thing to pay attention to in daily life is to clean, because the rattan sofa is very easy to be damp and deformed. Therefore, it must not be washed with water. Once washed, the mesh of any rattan furniture will have a certain amount of water storage capacity, which will expand and support the mesh surface of the furniture and cause it to sag. 2. Frequent ventilated wicker chair and sofa maintenance should also be kept ventilated at all times. Because the cross section of the wicker is covered with fine ducts, it can absorb a certain amount of water. If the wicker chair sofa absorbs a large amount of water, it will become It is soft, loose in structure, drooping, and easy to grow mildew. Therefore, if you want to maintain the rattan sofa, you must keep the home environment ventilated and dry at all times. 3. The maintenance of the anti-ultraviolet rattan chair and sofa also needs to pay attention to preventing ultraviolet radiation. The ultraviolet radiation in the sun will make the rattan degeneration and brittle. Long-term ultraviolet radiation will make the white rattan furniture yellow and make the brown and red shiny red rattan. The partial fading of furniture will make expensive bamboo and rattan furniture dry, loose and fall off. Therefore, if you want to protect the rattan sofa, you must avoid direct sunlight. 4. Insect-proof wicker chairs and sofas are prone to insects, so you need to pay great attention to daily maintenance. In daily life, you can use pepper noodles or hot pepper noodles to prevent insects. The wicker chair and sofa are not damaged. First, put the pepper noodles into the moth holes, then wrap the moth noodles with plastic cloth or a small plastic bag to prevent the smell from leaking, and finally wipe it with a towel to achieve the effect of insect prevention. 5. The maintenance of rattan chairs and sofas should be avoided close to heating. One thing to pay attention to is to avoid close to heating and heat sources, because it is easy to cause deformation, bending and cracking. The maintenance of rattan chairs and sofas is generally aimed at placing hot pots, casseroles, etc. on the rattan wood table. In order to avoid fires, you must remember to put on heat insulation pads.
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