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How to match the rattan furniture

by:Modern Century     2021-09-12
The rattan furniture is made of rattan, and the style is simple and natural, which can naturally match the rural style. So, how should rattan and wood furniture match the furnishings? Usually dark space tones are suitable for dark brown or brown rattan furniture, decorated with tablecloths or cushions of the same color in beige, light brown or brown. Light-colored furniture space should choose light-colored rattan furniture, with lively and bright cushions and cloth decorations, which feels elegant and calm. The yellow rattan sofa is the main tone, and the milky white cushion is set, showing romance in the simplicity. 'On the whole set of rattan sofas, tables, and tables, such as putting one or two pots of small green plants, you can smell the quietness of the forest water in the exquisiteness.' Shi Li said, adding rattan furniture in the room. Embellishment, it appears light and expressive, full of vitality. Not only weaves revealing the coolness of summer, but also weaves a rustic pastoral style. The biggest difference between rattan furniture and traditional furniture lies in the attention to detail and the natural route, but rattan furniture expresses its connotation more profoundly. The simple style of rattan furniture has made outstanding contributions to the new minimalism of space, but if the furniture is simply combined, it may inevitably fall into the stereotypes. Therefore, you can choose eclectic and bold imagination to create your own understanding and understanding of the natural style of rattan furniture. Express. Rattan furniture
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