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How to repair antique rattan furniture

by:Modern Century     2021-09-21
The rattan in antique furniture is usually woven by hand. The rattans are inserted into the holes in the frame one by one and are woven into shapes. Antique rattan and wood furniture can also be damaged after the baptism of years, especially where the rattan surface is stressed, but the four legs of the furniture are mostly old and hard. Therefore, rattan furniture collectors often choose to replace part of the rattan furniture in order to continue to maintain the use value of the furniture.  This rattan weave should be replaced by professionals. In most newly manufactured furniture, rattan is pre-woven. The whole rattan board is fixed in a groove around the open frame. The rattan board is easy to replace.   First remove the old rattan weave. If possible, use a chisel to pry up the keyway used to fix the rattan weave and pull the rattan weave out of the groove. If the keyway is too strong, you may need to wrap this area with a towel soaked in hot water, and then wring the towel dry. When the adhesive has softened, place a wooden block under the rattan, and then hit the wooden block with a hammer. This will separate the rattan and keyway from the base frame. After removing the rattan, use a chisel to clean the groove. Before you install a new rattan weave, please make sure that the groove is thoroughly cleaned and allowed to dry completely.   If you want to replace the rattan weave, please buy a new keyway and a pre-woven new rattan board. The size of the rattan board is about 2.5 to 3.8 cm larger than the outer periphery of the opening. Please make sure that the width of the keyway is appropriate to fit into the groove. Soak the rattan and keyway in warm water for about 10 to 15 minutes to soften the fibers. When the keyway and rattan are soft, blot them dry with a towel. Place the rattan weave above the groove so that the shiny side is facing up. Cut a narrow wooden wedge from a 2.5X5 or 2.5X7.5 cm wooden strip, and then start from the center of the short side, tap the wooden wedge along the rattan with a hammer, and knock the edge of the rattan into the groove.   The bottom surface of the tapered wooden wedge should be slightly smaller than the groove. Move along the sides of the frame to all corners, wedging the rattan down firmly into the groove. If the rattan is not firmly wedged into the groove, it may become loose in the future. When the first edge of the rattan is installed in place, clamp the edge of the rattan with two 2.5X5 or 2.5X7.5 cm wooden strips to prevent it from popping out of the groove. Then straighten the rattan board so that it crosses the frame, and then start from the center of the other side of the rattan board, wedging it into the groove.   Repeat the above steps (ie, clamp each edge during the operation) to fix the remaining edges. During operation, the rattan weave may become dry. If necessary, re-wet it to keep it soft.   When the rattan knitting is knocked into the groove around the frame, please cut off the extra rattan knitting at the outer corner of the groove. Insert a sharp chisel into the groove to cut the rattan. Then apply a small drop of white latex to the top of the rattan along the grooves around it.   Soak up the moisture in the keyway, and then use a wooden hammer or rubber hammer to hit the keyway, insert it into the groove and place it on top of the rattan. Tighten the keyway during operation and loosen the keyway at the corner. You may need to divide the keyway into several pieces to install; if this is the case, be sure to connect the ends of the keyway sections closely to each other to form a continuous keyway. Finally, wipe off the excess latex.   Dry latex and rattan thoroughly. The rattan will tighten when it dries. After the work is completed, it should be allowed to stand for at least one week before using it. A good rattan furniture is a work of art, usable and can be tasted, and you can taste the time in ordinary life, and the repaired rattan furniture is more joy of being lost and regained. Rattan furniture
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