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If you enjoy history, architectural wonders, local

by:Modern Century     2021-03-25

The city offers a unique experience to its visitors. It's home to many historical monuments, which reflect the prominent historical events of the place. The city has an exclusive combination of Byzantium and Roman design on most of pre-Ottoman constructions. Interestingly, most of the constructions built during Ottoman era have reflections of Roman design to it.

The unique point of the city is that one part of it lies in the European continent and the other in Asian continent, this make the city, the only metropolis in the world that has its wings in two cities. And with all this qualities and traits the city has become the financial, cultural and traditional centre of the country.

Well, that's not all; the city is an absolute treat for the food and shopping lovers. City's kitchen is considered as one of the best in the world. As the place is home to multi lingual people and lifestyle, the city offers all cuisines from Korean to Russian to Italian to Chinese. Fast food joints are also quite popular; however, you have to relish the taste of kebabs, lamb, and mutton, veal specialties of the place.

A lot of tourists throng the place because of the different shopping experience that the city offers. You can shop traditional and ethnic carpets, souvenirs, clothes, jewellery and handicrafts from various local and high class bazaars of the city.

The city has had a very rich history and it is reflected in the hotels as well. The tourists of the city like to stay in accommodations which are influenced by city's ancient culture and tradition. The city has many luxurious hotels along with numerous budget hotels and reasonable accommodations.

The luxury and the five star hotels in the city are great architectural marvels in themselves. The rooms are not only well equipped but also decorated with city's finest crafts and decorative items. Along with this, these world class motels offer the best facilities and services. From first class private pools, saunas to private suites and gaming zones, the hotels offer everything. So when in the city's five star accommodations are set to spoil and treat yourself just like a sultan of the city.

If you are looking forward for a more economical option then budget hotels are perfect choice for you. These mid range and reasonable lodgings are very comfortable and offer good hospitality. The rooms are decorated with beautiful paintings and handicraft.

There is no denying that, Istanbul is a great city to visit, and the tropical weather gives the city an added advantage compared to other European countries. So, time for you to have a rare and memorable vacation.

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