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If you're craving a craft project, have you ever

by:Modern Century     2021-03-18

For projects of a higher calibre, such as designing a whole cutlery set to exacting standards, it might be worth taking your specifications to a professional metalworker for the most beautiful results. Custom cutlery sets are available in very small quantity, with knife heads, spoon bowls and fork prongs all wrought to fine and sophisticated shapes. If this is an impracticable option for you, you can simply browse through the many designer sets available to find one that feels comfortable and looks fantastic.

Before buying a flatware collection for customisation and craft projects, you should look online to find items of striking design on discount. You might also want to look at utensil caddies and trays which can be customised later. You might find that purchasing an inexpensive flatware collection in a simple design which can be used on a table decorated in any way is a more budget friendly option than splurging on a formal and traditional cutlery set.

If you are looking for utensils with a difference, try looking more further afield than the traditional materials, such as stainless steel and plastic. If you are handy with DIY projects, you could consider fitting stainless steel utensil heads to wooden, glass, ceramic or bone handles. Your customised handles can be carved to any shape you prefer, whether intricately punched and perforated or smoothly polished.

One option for adding a fresh touch to an old cutlery set is to add some bright colour to the handles of your stainless steel flatware. Consider simply dipping your pieces in a food safe paint, without submerging the part that will actually touch food, for an easy and quick update on your cutlery set. Painting your cutlery may seem like too bold a move, but the results are undeniably striking and inexpensive. When adding some visual interest to your kitchen and dining table, don't forget the sorting tray as a prime candidate for some crafting. You can use graphic art paper, food safe paint or a wood varnish to make your cutlery drawer much more special and appealing.

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