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If you want to buy a comfortable recliner, you must know these three tips

by:Modern Century     2021-07-30
Whether it’s a swimming pool or on the beach, we will see deck chairs everywhere. When people lie on the deck chairs after swimming, our body will feel very relaxed. There is a balcony or courtyard at home, where we can put it. I also plan to buy a recliner chair. How to buy a recliner chair? 1. The softness of the cushion and backrest. The cushion and back should be soft. Pay attention to the material of the stuffing inside, and sit down for an interview. 2. Tilt depth Generally speaking, the more correct the sitting posture, the more energetic a person will appear, and at the same time, it can also avoid damage to the lumbar spine. After the housekeeping was over, everyone showed 'Ge You's paralysis' vividly and vividly. So the depth of the recliner is very important. Before shopping, try to sit down and find the most relaxing lounge chair. 3. When the slope of the recliner sits upright, the angle between the back and the ground should be perpendicular to 90 degrees. In fact, people use recliners more than lying down. Therefore, the slope of the recliner should be controlled between 30 degrees and 60 degrees, and the backrest of the recliner should be adjustable. In this way, people can adjust the recliner according to their needs and feel very comfortable.
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