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If you want to sit well, choosing the right office chair is very important

by:Modern Century     2021-07-06
There are many working days in a year, and we have too much time to spend on the chairs. Choosing an office chair is like choosing a partner, without the slightest sloppy. If the office chair is not properly selected, it will affect the blood circulation of the human body, disrupt the functioning of the human digestive system, disrupt the body's metabolism, and threaten bone health. For office workers in office buildings, almost 8 hours or even 10 hours a day are spent sitting. It is important to develop a good sitting posture, but as the time spent sitting for a long time, no standard sitting posture can match fatigue. At this time, the only thing that can bring relaxation to yourself is the office chair with hardware facilities. Therefore, the choice of office tables and chairs is also closely related to our health. Specifically, the choice of office chair should consider the following aspects.
The height of the office chair: This has a certain relationship with the height and foot length of the recipient. If there are colleagues with relatively short stature in the company, you must pay special attention when purchasing office chairs. The height of the desk depends on the height of your office chair. The desk is tall and the office chair is not matched, making it uncomfortable to sit; the writing desk is too high and the chair is too low, shortening the visual distance, and easily causing spine bending and myopia . Therefore, the furniture used in the office must have a suitable height. The office chair meets the comfort level and can relieve back pain for office workers.
The tilt of the office chair: Under normal circumstances, the back of the office chair is slightly backward, which is more comfortable to go up, but if the office chair we choose has more leisure functions, we will The tilt of the chosen office chair should be larger. So when you rest, you will feel like you are lying on a chair. Because a good office chair must not only conform to the human body structure, but also be strong, load-bearing, and light to move, leaving space for people to move, and sitting on it makes people feel relaxed. The simpler it seems, the more complicated the design behind it. .
The softness of office chairs: When purchasing office chairs, pay attention to whether the softness of the cushion and backrest is comfortable. If it is an office chair without a cushion or backrest, look directly at the hardness of the material itself. Go and try to see if it fits.
Stability of office chairs: As office chairs have relatively high stability, we need to test the stability of office chairs when purchasing.
From the current mainstream office chairs, mesh office chairs are more commonly used. Compared with imitation leather surface, cloth surface, real leather, etc., mesh cloth has stronger adaptability and plasticity. The mesh material has a loose structure, saves material compared to traditional materials, and has better air permeability. A leather-faced office chair also shoulders the responsibility of protecting the neck, shoulders and lumbar spine. The design of the office chair requires ergonomic considerations in the position of the waist, back, neck, head, and armrests. These detailed considerations are achieved through the designer's material, and at the same time, through the consideration of details, the office chair can better understand the needs of the human body and make the office sitting more healthy.
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