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If you want to take a tour that can remind you

by:Modern Century     2021-03-25

The historical monuments such as Bab el-Fateh, Cairo Tower, Great Sphinx and Citadel (Al-Qalaa) have their unique importance in the history and these are famous all over the world.

The Bab el- Fateh, which is also known as Gate of Conquest has fine carvings of floral designs that are marvelous impressions of ancient Egypt Civilization. This gate is surrounded by two huge castle like turrets, standing with the help of bulwarks and slits of arrows, that gives an enchanting look to the whole gate. This gate was constructed to provide security from Turkish army.

The Cairo Tower is freely standing tower (without any support), made of concrete and it is situated in Gezira Island of Nile river. You can take a view of the whole city from this tower. The Cairo Tower is the tallest structure of concrete in the world. This tower is about 45 meters taller than the Great Pyramid of Giza. About 8 million mosaic lozenges (a kind of stone) were used to made this architectural piece of landmark with the help of 500 workers. At top of the Tower, circular deck is designed on which a rotating restaurant is made, and it is the best place in the city for dinner.

One of the world's greatest monuments is Citadel, the most famous tourist destination in Cairo. It is a fort complex that was constructed in 1830 by Mohammad Ali Pasha, an Emperor of ancient era. The gentle wind in this large fort makes you feel like heaven. In this fort, there are two museums and two mosques with the beautiful Ottoman architecture domes, cloister, minarets and outer structure on the walls.

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