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If your dining room is in serious need of a makeover

by:Modern Century     2021-03-17

First, dining room furniture is getting smaller. Don't expect to see oversized tables and chairs anymore. Many people don't have a separate dining room, so they use their dining room furniture in a multi-purpose room. Maybe the dining room is attached to the living room or maybe it's tied in with the kitchen. The traditional formal dining room that was once used for entertaining purposes only is a thing of the past. That said, don't think that today's furniture limits entertaining. Today's dining room tables have leaves that can be inserted in the middle, as well as ends that can be folded out. These smart design ideas give you space when you need it, while keeping the table petite on an ordinary day.

Many tables are also being built with height in mind instead of width. You'll find a tasteful assortment of contemporary dining tables that are built with bar-style chairs. While these tables are not practical for all homes, they have a smaller footprint without compromising the number of chairs or the amount of table space. In fact, these trendy tables often come with six chairs being able to seat a whole family. Overall, you can expect to see that most dining room tables are sleek, simple and square shaped, as opposed to the round tables that take up more space and make the room feel cluttered.

Another trend with dining room furniture is that it possesses darker stains. Natural colors were once popular but are now being replaced by espresso and cherry colored furniture. These darker stains give the dining room a formal, sophisticated feel without needing anything more. You can strip away outdated decor, fake plants, brass picture frames and light fixtures and just focus on a clean dining room set in a dark hue. This will make your space feel just as formal, but without all the unnecessary decor.

One of the great outcomes of today's trends is that the simplistic, minimalist nature of decorating makes it easier to keep the home clean. There are less knickknacks to dust around, and the addition of a few fresh plants gives the area better circulation. If your dining room needs more than just a table to complete the look, opt for another piece of furniture that is both attractive and practical. For example, a cabinet can hold your fine china, keep dishes and silverware on hand and display collectibles that have been in the family. A bistro table makes it easy to arrange food when hosting the holiday, while a small bar can make whipping up drinks for friends a breeze.

If you still have more space to work with, consider placing one or two chairs in the corners of the dining room. That way, you'll have extra chairs to pull to the table when you entertain, while the chairs can serve as decorative furniture on a regular day. Don't think the chairs have to match the dining set either. Be creative and shop at a resale or antique shop that will have a neat collection of odds and ends. You can stain the chairs another color, paint over them and reupholster them. Add a throw pillow and you have a functional chair that adds charm.

Keeping consistent with the trends, you'll want to stick to simple decor to complete the dining room. Abstract artwork, a decorative chandelier, curtains with tie backs and fresh bowls of fruit are the perfect examples. Today's trends appreciate fresh plants, flowers and fruit, so swap out your fake goodies for real ones. Handmade items are also relished, so don't be afraid to make your own curtain tie backs, upholster your chairs, construct a wire fruit basket, paint a vase or sew your curtains. After all, your own work can never be replicated and will enhance your new dining room furniture like never seen before.

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