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Imitated rattan furniture material classification-PE

by:Modern Century     2021-05-28
Rattan-like furniture refers to the replacement of furniture that uses natural rattan as the main raw material. As a natural material, rattan is well-loved, but it also faces the problem of scarcity of raw materials. In addition, due to the influence of temperature and temperature, the maintenance of natural rattan is relatively large and complicated. Therefore, rattan-like furniture operations were born. Furniture manufacturers began to use rattan-like materials to make furniture. The visual effect is realistic, but it has the lightness, sturdiness, and solidity that natural rattan can't match. Although the material is different from natural rattan, the texture, shape, and even characteristics of the final furniture are very similar. In a sense, the expansion of the “rattan furniture” family also reflects people’s appreciation for simplicity and naturalness. The yearning and pursuit of life.
   The common rattan-like furniture materials currently on the market mainly include plastic rattan, seagrass rattan, and paper rattan. There are also furniture manufacturers that use metal strips to make furniture, because it looks like a rattan, so it can generally be called rattan-like furniture.
Among all rattan-like furniture, the most noteworthy is plastic rattan furniture. Plastic rattan has the advantages of smooth surface, good flexibility, resistance to UV (ultraviolet rays), no fading, easy to clean, etc., and also has the function of rainproof, which is very suitable for For outdoor use, I Utoju classifies it as an outdoor furniture series.
The imitation rattan furniture has the characteristics of other materials, such as 'plastic rattan furniture', which highlights the characteristics of plastics such as lightness and strong corrosion resistance, and most of them are not only much cheaper than natural rattan, but also save The trouble of natural rattan needs maintenance. The emergence of these rattan-like furniture has attracted people’s attention. Nowadays, rattan-like furniture has occupied a place in large-scale furniture exhibitions. It not only meets the market demand in different climate regions, but also proves that designers and manufacturers have The exploration of materials continues to deepen.
  Plastic rattan furniture generally has two materials that are most used: PE rattan and PVC rattan, PE is polyethylene, PVC is polyvinyl chloride, both are high molecular polymers.

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