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In 2020, the way to tell whether a parasol can protect against ultraviolet rays, the buyer, don’t hurry up and collect it!

by:Modern Century     2021-07-19
1. When the density of the sunshade is the same as the fabric, we can look at its fabric density. If the density is solid, the sunshade has a very strong ability to prevent ultraviolet rays and a very weak penetration ability. 2. The choice of fabrics In the choice of shading fabrics, we can choose umbrellas made of polyester cloth, because this fabric is cheaper than other fabrics and has a good shading effect in summer. 3. Light-shielding coating. Generally speaking, the black plastic umbrella is smaller than the colored plastic umbrella, and the silver plastic umbrella is smaller than the non-glue umbrella. Light-colored umbrella.
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