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In 2021, rattan furniture will be popular all over the world, and it will be truly beautiful!

by:Modern Century     2021-10-23
Speaking of the most popular household items in 2021, rattan furniture is a must, and it is so popular that almost all furniture can be rattan. Large pieces of furniture such as rattan beds, rattan sideboards, rattan tables and chairs, small rattan items such as rattan trays, rattan bookends, rattan storage baskets, etc., and are suitable for kitchens, bedrooms, and porches. They can be classic, modern or simple. Retro, with a gentle and calm temperament, it can be said to be very versatile. Today, I want to talk to you about rattan furniture, such a classic and attractive piece of furniture, you will definitely not lose a share. The history of rattan can be traced back to 3000 BC. Chinese people should be familiar with rattan furniture, especially when they were young in the countryside. Or go back to the country's grandparents' house and rock the rattan-woven rocking chair, which is the best memory of childhood. The earliest craftsmanship of rattan weaving can be traced back to Egypt before 3000 AD. The Egyptians used rattan and aquatic plants to weave furniture. With the development of the times, rattan furniture with a wide variety of patterns appeared. Such as diamond pattern, common square pattern, octagonal hole pattern and so on. Compared with rattan, rattan is more breathable, softer and more comfortable. Coupled with the maturity of the rattan weaving craftsmanship, as long as it is properly maintained, rattan furniture can be used for many years. The most popular rattan element at the moment is the octagonal woven texture called 'Cane Webbing'. This small hollow pattern is widely used in the decoration of chairs, headboards and storage cabinets, mostly Indonesian natural rattan. It is also the main type of rattan weaving introduced by the rattan furniture factory in this article. This rattan texture was first applied to the Sonnet No. 14 chair in the 18th century. This chair was the first mass-produced chair in the world, and it is still classic and beautiful to this day. The designers drew inspiration from this chair, introduced the rattan weave to the new, and designed many classic items. From pallets to tables, chairs, cabinets and furniture can be made of rattan, and all kinds of home furniture can be made of rattan. The application range of rattan is really too big. Rattan weaves are often mixed with various materials, especially with solid wood. The common solid wood furniture is divided into black walnut, cherry wood, teak, etc., freely arranged and combined to play. Rattan coffee tables are relatively rare, but rattan coffee tables are more common. The rattan weaving is applied to the coffee table, making the whole space full of holiday style. In addition, the lightness of the rattan material allows the coffee table to be moved at any time, appearing next to the sofa or at the head of the bed. The most important thing is that even if you accidentally hit the rattan coffee table, you won't cry so much (I believe it's not just Xiao Pu who has the experience of hitting the coffee table). Rattan Chair Among the rattan chairs, this one should be the most classic. It not only highlights the atmosphere of the space, but also finds a perfect balance between modernity and tradition, new and old. This chair is made of Burmese teak wood, which is good for moisture and insect resistance. The backrest and cushion are made of rattan. The legs of the chair are strong and durable. The armrest adopts the design of high front and low rear, which is in line with ergonomics. The combination of rattan and wood can create a quiet atmosphere, which is more suitable for beds that need to be touched every day. In the application of wooden beds, rattan knitting is mostly used in the backrest. The light and thin backrest does not take up too much space, allowing the headboard to breathe while also having its own elastic support, so that it will not be tired for a long time. Rattan cabinets The rattan cabinets have a wider range of applications, covering wardrobes, sideboards, magazine cabinets, bedside cabinets, etc., for different occasions, creating a natural and breathable atmosphere for different spaces. Rattan weaves are mostly used as cabinet doors, making the already bulky cabinets light and convenient to switch, and it also plays a dual role of ventilation and dust resistance. Some people say: The best rattan craftsmanship is in Europe. But with the change of design thinking and the improvement of design vision, Asian rattan brands are also working hard. From Austria to South Korea to China, different styles of rattan furniture brands have brought rattan to countless people's homes. Another chair named Reunion is made of natural rattan and white beech wood to bring a comfortable sitting feeling and backrest. The curve edging process can only be completed by the masters of rattan weaving technology for more than ten years. It is a rattan weaving full of ingenuity and temperature. chair. Wicker chair factory direct sales
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