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In this way, the leisure chair is maintained, and the life of the leisure chair is at least 10 years longer

by:Modern Century     2021-07-21
Home is our warmest port. Enjoying leisure life at home after get off work is a kind of enjoyment. Of course, leisure tables and chairs are a must! Leisure brings us comfort, so we must keep the life of the leisure chair better and extend it. Below, I will introduce you to the maintenance method of leisure chair. How to maintain leisure chair The environment requires various leisure chairs, especially wood leisure chairs, to maintain a certain indoor temperature and relative humidity. In addition to the indoor environment, the newly bought lounge chair needs to be ventilated. When using indoor air conditioners, the indoor relative humidity should be maintained at about 60%. If possible, grow flowers or ornamental fish indoors and increase indoor humidity appropriately. Regular maintenance of the surface of furniture requires not only paint film, but also frequent protection of the surface of the furniture.
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