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Integrate outdoor furniture into civilian balconies and enjoy leisure time leisurely

by:Modern Century     2021-08-06
In the modern and prosperous metropolis, of course some people like to watch the flowers bloom. However, in large cities where land and capital are scarce, not everyone can own villas and courtyards. Therefore, even a few square meters of balconies and indoor gardens provide usable space for ordinary people. A balcony or terrace, a rocking chair, and a cup of tea can also be made into a small corner of the holiday, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable leisure time at any time. 'There are many outdoor furniture products suitable for balcony use. The specific layout can be selected according to the size of the balcony, favorite style and budget. 1, Hanging basket Put the hanging basket on the balcony and sit with your baby. Looking at the blue sky and white clouds, sniffing soft words, laughing and enjoying the beauty of life. 2. Rocking chair weekends, make a pot of tea, lie on the rocking chair to read or chat with family members. This is the end of a leisure afternoon. 3. Rattan You can choose a sofa combination on the larger balcony. Three or two friends can meet here, drink coffee, and talk about the future. 4. The dining table and chair couple have a candlelight dinner on the small balcony and enjoy the city under the moonlight. When the wind blows When the time comes, warm hands will cover you with a blanket. This warm balcony gives people endless reverie.
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