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Is aluminum alloy or cast aluminum better for outdoor tables and chairs?

by:Modern Century     2021-07-06
We all know that outdoor tables and chairs are better made of aluminum, but there are actually two types of outdoor tables and chairs made of aluminum, one is aluminum alloy tables and chairs, and the other is cast aluminum tables and chairs. What is the difference between these two materials? What is the difference in the effect when placed outdoors? The price of aluminum alloy tables and chairs on the market is lower than that of cast aluminum tables and chairs. The reason is that the weight of aluminum alloy tables and chairs is lighter, and the raw material aluminum is mixed with other metal materials. After a period of use, some Will break, not strong, and have low durability. The cast aluminum tables and chairs are made of pure aluminum casting, so the die-casting process makes the table and chairs less pores and shrinkage, and the die-casting table and chairs have high dimensional accuracy. Long-term comparison in the outdoor environment, of course, outdoor cast aluminum tables and chairs are 'better'.
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