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Is rattan furniture easy to crack in the northern dry climate?

by:Modern Century     2021-09-14
Dongguan Modern Century rattan furniture is introduced. With the improvement of people's material living standards, the quality requirements for various items are also getting higher and higher. Now many people are interested in rattan furniture, which is full of ancient art furniture, but many people I am worried that in the dry climate of the north, rattan furniture is easy to break. Is this really the case?    In southern my country, rattan growth is common. For this reason, most southerners love rattan.  In the north, due to the environmental and climate constraints, most customers think that the weather in the north is dry, and the rattan furniture in a dry environment may easily cause cracks and be eaten by insects. So, is it that rattan furniture growing in the south is not suitable for the northern market?    Dongguan Modern Century rattan furniture designer heard this question, smiled and said helplessly, at present, as far as the northern market is concerned, there are indeed many customers buying rattan. This question was raised when I was furniture. The reason why people have such an impression of rattan furniture is mainly because a few years ago, the production of rattan furniture was rough and the level of craftsmanship was low. In addition, the raw materials of rattan furniture at that time were made of rattan grown in the south of the country. Therefore, some people who buy rattan furniture have the above-mentioned problems when using it.   Now, most rattan furniture uses rattan imported from Indonesia. This rattan is essentially different from the rattan grown in southern my country. The rattan grown in southern my country belongs to the herbaceous family, and the rattan grown in Indonesia belongs to the woody family. Indonesia is located in the equatorial tropical rain forest, with abundant sunshine and rain all year round, and fertile volcanic ash soil. The vines grown in this environment are stronger, durable, and adaptable to climate and environmental changes. Because of the abundant rain and the low sugar content of the vine, it is not easy to be eaten by insects.  While the excellent materials are selected, the improvement of the production process, such as anti-high temperature treatment, anti-moth and anti-mould treatment, etc., has also made the rattan furniture more flexible and improved its anti-moth ability. The current rattan furniture, unless it is deliberately broken, otherwise it is generally impossible to break. The designer of Modern Century rattan furniture gave a sincere answer to the reporter. Even if it breaks accidentally, we will take out the whole broken rattan when repairing and replace it with a good rattan. In this way, the repaired rattan furniture is almost the same as the rattan furniture before it is broken.
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