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It is very obvious that if you want to win you

by:Modern Century     2021-03-16

You should have proper knowledge about your financial capacity and should ignore a deficit. It is not smart to set a strict limit beforehand which makes you leave the game even when you are winning. You need to follow your instinct. In case you are having a good day then you should play more and not follow the limit. But when you get the feeling that the cards do not like you, and then you should fold even if you have some spare money to waste.

Confidence and aggression are two qualities which are very essential for every good p[layer. Even if you know when to leave the table, you should play the current game very smartly so that you can derive maximum benefit out of the same. A weak and nervous player never stands a chance in the whole scenario

If you have a winning strategy but still you lose a good part then also you should not quit early. You should have faith in your planning and keep playing till you see the end. All the experts consider this to be a game of long run. If you are expecting quick profits then you are looking at the wrong table. You need to play consistently and with patience if you want the money to start coming.

Your bankroll should have the capacity to take hits. You should always expect to lose a substantial sum before you start winning. A player should never come to play this game with a limited and easily exhaustive bankroll and the limit to which you need to lose before you start winning is not fixed in this game. But when you start winning it will compensate for all your previous loses.

Novice players lose concentration easily and loose huge amounts for a very long time. Finally they quit without making any gain out of the whole game. That is why it is suggested that if you want to earn some serious money then you should practice a lot before you start gaming.

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