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Let's analyze the HTML table elements from a Search

by:Modern Century     2021-03-18

Do a simple experiment. Identify your most heaviest pages in terms both kilobytes (as rended by browsers) and heavy top and left navigation data (specific for ecommerce sites). Take a look at the cached version in Google using the cache: command.In case you see your cached version of that page containing a lot of irrelevant content on the top of the page and your main content buried down (or not present at all due to excessive irrelevant content indexed on the top) you should consider some alternatives: a) using the 'table trick' described below or, better b) migrate to tableless development with CSS and div's.Let's take a look a possible situation where irrelevant content could bury important content, i.e. a website with lots of links on the top menu and tens or hundreds navigation links on the left navigation section of the page.While it is important to understand how search engine bots read and index pages, your real focus should not be on using these techniques, but rather write quality, targeted content within your main body section of the page and trying to become authority in the niche.As a final advice for the first part of the article, if you still design using tables, We encourage you to use the tag where you start the main body tables, to give search engines a clue where the content that matter is, just in case the VIPS algos are failing.

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