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Let's take a look at the production process of rattan furniture in Dongguan rattan chair manufacturer (1)

by:Modern Century     2021-09-23
What is the main production process of rattan furniture in Dongguan Cane Chair Factory?   There are many types of vines for raw material selection. There are 600 known vines. Among them, vine, red vine, sand vine and badan vine are the most commonly used. Batan rattan and sand vine are generally uniform in thickness, and they are good materials for making rattan chair skeletons; Liteng has very good flexibility and is an indispensable raw material for making pan flowers.  Raw material sanding   The surface of rattan is relatively rough and it is a kind of prickly plant, so when making it, the raw material should be 'sanded'. Generally, a grinding machine is used, which is a tool for grinding the raw materials of rattan, mainly using abrasive belts and grinding wheels for grinding. The sanding should be done in two parts, one is rough sanding and the other is fine sanding.   The first step is rough sanding    rough sanding, using 80-type coarse sanding belt; put the rattan between the sanding belt and the grinding wheel of the sanding machine, and apply a little force to make the surface of the rattan basically smooth.   The second step, fine sanding     After the first round of sanding, the surface of the rattan has been smoothed a lot, but it is still slightly rough. At this time, a second round of fine sanding is required. Next, use the 180-type fine sanding belt to sand again. The 180 type abrasive belt is thinner than the 80 type abrasive belt, so the sanded rattan will be smoother. The polished material should be steamed, and the steamed rattan material is more resistant to insects and mildew.  Raw material processing   commonly used tools when making rattan chairs: fire gun, high-pressure air cooling gun, console. The setting of the operating table is relatively simple, but it has many uses. It is the main tool for bending the vine-the process of bending the vine is completed on this operating table.   needs to be processed through several steps such as bending, punching, polishing and so on.  Bending:   There are three steps to bend. They are heating, bending and cooling. Use the outer flame of the torch (the inner flame will burn the rattan) to heat the rattan. When heating at high temperature, keep moving the torch to evenly heat the part of the rattan that needs to be bent. When heated to a certain level, take advantage of the heat Put the rattan on the operating table and clamp it, heat it and make it bend and deform to the required degree, then stop heating, and use a high-pressure air cooling gun to cool the rattan to shape it.  If there is excessive bending, the rattan can be reheated and bent back to a suitable angle.  铳口: The horn hole is to make a groove at 1 cm at each end of the intercepted rattan. The function of the groove is to assemble the rattan chair. When blasting the rattan, do not use too much force, so as not to damage the length of the rattan. Then use a sawtooth polishing tool to polish the edge of the blasthole. The purpose of polishing is to remove the burrs on the edge of the blasthole to make the edge smoother.  Polishing treatment:   Before assembling the rocking chair pedals, we must first polish the finished pedal components and pedal support rods.   The main tool used in polishing is the polishing machine. Its function is slightly different from that of the grinding link. Although both make the surface of the object smooth, the polishing mainly uses the grinding wheel to perform partial treatment of the processed parts.  The focus of polishing is the scars on the vine, and secondly, these surfaces that have been slightly carbonized by high-temperature heating. When polishing, the force should be even, and the movements should be gentle and detailed. (For the part that needs to be polished) There must be no omissions, and excessive force must not be used. If the force is too strong, it may cause the grinding wheel to grind more places and cause unnecessary loss of polished parts.   Note that after every part processing, polishing treatment must be performed. The above is the main production process of rattan furniture. Whether it is the choice of raw materials or the subsequent grinding, processing and polishing, the workers are meticulous in every step. Through these steps, the main part of the rattan furniture has been completed. It is an important part of the production process. The important parts of the home have been completed. The next step is the follow-up production process such as assembly, weaving, and oiling. If you want to know what is going on, let's listen to the next breakdown.
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