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Life is wonderful! A set of balcony furniture is all done~

by:Modern Century     2021-08-03
I love life and I like to be quiet. I would rather sit on the balcony and read a few books and spend the morning lazily, rather than sitting in front of the computer and hug the world. ——Xiong Peiyun 'Freedom in the Heights' Life is like a cup of tea. You can feel the beauty of it only when you quietly taste it. The balcony is absolutely very important for the meaning of a home. It is the place closest to nature and the most relaxing mood. In this small space, you can bathe in the sun and enjoy the scenery, or you can enjoy the cosiness of the green windows with a good book. A set of tables and chairs, or a few simple shelves, can create a warm and hidden office space. When you are tired, you can look at the green plants and relax your nervous mood. A set of rattan sofas can create a pure land for you when you are tired. Drinking a cup of tea in the warm sun in the afternoon, or facing the dark night sky, sitting in a hanging chair and enjoying the romance of being alone, can make people feel happy and feel full of happiness. For people who live in the city for a long time, the balcony is an important corner to enjoy the green life. According to one's own wishes, carefully arrange a small space, put together rattan chairs, sofas, etc. around the coffee table, and add natural fragrance of green plants to create an exquisite 'sky garden'. Imagine that there are green leaves and flowers on the balcony, even if you stay at home, you can still enjoy the fun of nature. What a wonderful thing. If you feel that the indoor restaurant is too stuffy, and you want to inhale oxygen, breathe air, and look for a feeling of 'beautiful and deliciousWhen the interest comes, drinking some red wine while looking at the distant scenery is simply the exquisite life of your dreams. Life is wonderful! A set of balcony furniture is all done~
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