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Lightweight and textured Nordic rattan furniture, anyone who looks at it wants to go home.

by:Modern Century     2021-09-22
Tossing around for a while, this year's summer story is over. Every household in the city has air-conditioning, but the summer I miss most is when I went back to my hometown in the countryside during the summer vacation. After dinner, I lay on my grandma's rattan chair and fanned a fan to eat watermelon. The summer on the Nordic rattan chair is like my hometown in my memory. If you and I have the same memories, maybe you are willing to put a few Nordic rattan furniture or rattan woven products at home. How to match rattan furniture? The material of rattan furniture has a strong natural flavor, a bit rough and casual, but it has a clean texture. At first glance, it is furniture with a 'story'. Together with the warm yellow of the rattan itself, it can easily create a warm and comfortable home atmosphere. Color matching rattan + white/light gray/beige rattan's own warm color with some low-saturation colors will definitely not go wrong. With white, beige, light gray and other colors as the background color, together with light blue, lotus root powder, lavender, light brown and other decorations, placed a few green plants, the overall look bright and refreshing. Those who think that the white wall is too deserted can work hard on the materials and patterns. The square bricks are a little more wild and casual than ordinary white walls. The Nordic rattan furniture with materials from the wilderness is just the 'comrades in the same way'; the wall panel comes with it. The noble buff can improve the overall texture. Wallpapers with different patterns also have the meaning ▼Rattan+Enthusiastic jumping colors. Many jumping colors can collide with rattan furniture to create interesting sparks. Dark green, purple, dark blue and other tricky colors are just right for rattan furniture. I don’t know if you are like me. I hope the furniture at home can tell stories. The abrasion resistance of rattan furniture is better than leather and fabric. If you cherish and take care of it, it can last a lifetime. It is the most reliable witness of your life story. Rattan sofa/rattan chair/rattan bed rattan furniture is friendly to small apartment, lighter than leather and fabric furniture, you can feel like you are exuding fairy when sitting on it~ I really like Nordic-style rattan chairs, using graphics The quadrangular design brings modernity to the retro rattan furniture. We all need to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. The hanging chair can make you feel like a child again in a few seconds. The hanging chair is a kind of multifunctional furniture, which can 'glow and heat' in many places in the home, from the lounge chair in the living room to the reading corner of the game room, as well as the bedroom and balcony. You can set up multiple anchor points at home and move them at any time according to the season or your feelings. The rattan locker is smart and light in appearance, and the rattan mesh surface has a faintly clear feeling. This storage cabinet of rattan furniture has a finer mesh, which can better filter dust in the air. The legs of this cabinet are detachable, and the two cabinets are superimposed into a large cabinet, and the storage capacity is doubled. In addition to hanging chairs, there are also some gadgets such as bar carts and baby strollers, all of which are family heirlooms. There are more types of rattan accessories, such as lampshades, rattan aromatherapy, laundry baskets, etc.▼It is an elegant way to choose rattan screens as soft partitions. The size of the selected mesh can be determined according to the privacy requirements of the place used. The price of rattan furniture and maintenance methods The best rattan used in furniture is produced in Indonesia, and it is raised and harvested in a place with plenty of sunshine and rain all year round. After collection, it needs to be quickly sent to the processing area for sterilization and air-drying before it can be used for furniture production. The price of rattan furniture is mainly determined by the variety of rattan and the difficulty of processing, ranging from 1,000 to 10,000. Most of the 100+ low-priced rattan products on the market are 'rattan products' made of aquatic plants, and they look good as decorative gadgets. The rattan is flexible and easy to bend, and its strength is sufficient to support the use of furniture in the structure. To extend the life of rattan furniture as much as possible, the key to maintenance is moisture-proof and ventilation. After the rattan absorbs water, it becomes soft, sags, and is prone to mold. Pay attention to the cleaning of rattan furniture daily, wipe it with a damp kerchief and place it in a ventilated place. Remember not to put it in the sun, otherwise the rattan will be like you who have been exposed to the sun, and it will be easy for a dog to take. Nordic Wicker Chair Factory Direct Sales
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