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Lots of things should be considered while decorating

by:Modern Century     2021-03-20

Pretty table runners, floral centerpieces, candles, trademarks places, menus decorating a wedding dining table consists of a set of selected elements in any harmony of colors and shapes.

A simple decoration or sophisticated

Decorating the wedding table must always be in perfect agreement with the chosen theme for the entire wedding. It is usually on the same table with the bride and groom compete imagination to establish simple or sophisticated atmosphere of their relationship.

Often the choices are made on criteria of dominant colors. The white chic is often associated with weddings solemn. It accords priority to gold, but black or burgundy for a contrast effect, or the trendy taupe. The colors more sustained as the orange, lime green, turquoise blue, pink, fuchsia, chocolate brown are very popular to give warmth to a wedding in smaller committees or a big wedding less formal.

According sophistication desired by the couple, other criteria that the colors are taken into account. The quality and quantity of dishes including largely depends on the sophistication of the menu and then in turn the budget for the meal. For weddings chic, the brilliance of the crystal is often a must. The glasses line up perfectly, like covered fish, meat and dessert money.

The plates are stacked in front of each guest as in the most prestigious restaurants. For a wedding, two simple stemmed glasses are usually sufficient for water and wine. A champagne flute should be added after a meal. The range of coverage is more limited. The presentation is simple but not simplistic. Many other decorative elements on the dining table can also enhance the dcor but be careful not to use those excessively.

General decoration and around the plate

Two major types of decoration are commonly adorning the tables of marriage.

The general decoration of the table: It is often carried out with the help of runners from breaking the monotony of the water. The color of the table runner is chosen based on the theme of marriage. Depending on the case, the table runner is a long narrow strip of paper a sheet that runs the entire length of the table or a juxtaposition of small decorative elements placed directly on the table (candles, beads, leaves and straws). Thus, for a wedding on the theme of nature, table runner can be made with a paper in shades of green or foliage, leaf-shaped sequins, small areas of wood in the form of ladybugs, dragonflies.

A sofa bed can also be arranged nearby the dining table in order to provide more comfort to the wedding couple.

For a wedding on the marine theme, shells, driftwood and sea stars are called to the rescue. The establishment of handfuls of sand on the tables is handled with care to prevent the guests do not end up with a menu crunchy to the bite. Besides the runner, the general decoration of the table adds at long tables on slender, or centrally for a roundtable composition higher and more ornate. The composition of marriage can be performed with flowers but with less fragile decorative elements like candles, ears of corn, test tubes filled with sugared almonds, easels.

The decoration around the plate: The general decoration is usually in combination with a variety of decorative elements around the plate. Some of these are utilities (name tags and menu), others are just decorative. According to the trend in recent years, the products must be chosen in keeping with the theme of marriage. The specialty shops are full of ideas for this type of product: mini slate, mini easels, mini clothes pins etc.

The menu and name tags can be made yourself or entrust it to a printer. The folded napkin in the glass or the center of the plate can be a part in the decoration of the whole.

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