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Mies van der Rohe is the creator of the Barcelona chair

by:Modern Century     2021-03-24

This has been the elite history of the Barcelona chair that denotes that the design today hails from early 20thcentury.

The designers had been inspired by ancient folding camping chairs. The regal design placed in a modern setting gave instant commendation to the designers. The chairs were an exception for Bauhaus, whose aim was to produce affordable furniture for the working class masses. This chair was expensive and difficult to produce in large numbers.

The chair had a rebirth in 1950, where the designed was improved by Miess by transforming the chair to a complete welded object with the least existence of the braces that were cleverly hidden behind welding points. The welded one frame piece was sturdier and offered more strength and spring.

The framework of the Barcelona chair consists of two cross connected steel bars form the four curved legs. The back legs set as support to the complete body of the object whereas the front legs support the seat of the chair. Thus the seat is supported by the double curve.Foam-rubber cushions are covered with buttoned leather and placed on the seat and the back by means of saddle-leather straps.

Such a chair placed even a small would add upto the get up of the room and accessories. The chair may serve as a sofa for two.Their narrow accessible style and design will aesthetically occupy significantly less room and make the sofa placing seem less crowded. A molded wooden living room seat can make an interesting substitute for an arm chair. But, it's going to actually use much more living space. Shaped plastic seats in bright toasty hues will add essence to your living room without using much space.

The Barcelona chair was the pride of erstwhile Germany at the world exposition. It was proclaimed to be a seating fit for royalty. Even today it is a collector's item and a veritable eye soother.

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