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Modern Century, a rattan furniture manufacturer in Dongguan, introduces rattan weaving in China

by:Modern Century     2021-10-05
Modern Century, a rattan furniture manufacturer in Dongguan, introduced China's rattan weaving technology, but it has a long history. As early as before the Song Dynasty, craftsmen were able to use weaving techniques to create traditional furniture with Chinese original characteristics. The rattan knitting process also set off a retro trend in the furniture industry due to its breathability, comfort, smoothness, and beauty as furniture.  1. Natural rattan rocking chair   The most romantic thing I can think of is to grow old with you and tell the story of the past on the rocking chair. It seems that if you want to be romantic, a rocking chair is indispensable. After all, the code word of the rocking chair is companionship.  2, rattan three-piece table and chair combination    is woven from imported Indonesian rattan. The elegant lounge chair does not lose its domineering style, and the overall style is very casual and elegant.  3. Tatami grass futon   This drum pier is made of wild cattail grass as a gift from nature. It is natural and healthy, non-lacquered, non-toxic, and odorless, and full of a strong literary atmosphere.  4. Rattan-woven futon pier    full seaweed weaving process, full and delicate, unique and full-bodied, selected Indonesian seaweed raw materials, with an idyllic leisure style.  5. Rattan storage basket    pure hand-woven natural linen, rough hand-woven style, simple and unassuming shape design, make the storage basket more popular.  6, rattan basket    rattan storage basket, full of literary and natural products, very rustic style.  7. Rattan storage basket    The uniquely shaped rattan storage basket is available in two colors. The perfect combination of solid wood and rattan has a stylish literary atmosphere.  8. The rattan-woven cylindrical storage bucket    uses pure natural Vietnamese autumn vines. The golden color is very rare, the toughness is good, and it is not afraid of moisture. It can be used to store valuables.  9. Round rattan storage bucket   The rattan storage basket with a literary atmosphere, with it, the texture becomes neater in an instant, and the unique design restores the true natural beauty.  10. Rattan wall hanging flower baskets   Very fashionable and artistic rattan wall hanging flower baskets are very eye-catching and bring the beauty of nature to the extreme.
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