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Modern Century, a rattan furniture manufacturer, tells you how to maintain rattan rocking chairs

by:Modern Century     2021-09-17
Modern Century, a rattan furniture manufacturer, introduced that rattan rocking chairs are currently loved by many people. The exquisite shape, superb craftsmanship, comfortable lying down, and conform to the artificial body, natural and environmentally friendly materials, such a rocking chair is more than a simple one. Furniture is a work of art. How can it be maintained for a long time?    1. The surface dust can be wiped with a soft cloth moistened with water or salt water, and the dust in the gaps between the rattans can be cleaned up with a paint brush or a vacuum cleaner. Dip the brush with baking soda and lightly brush it to remove stubborn dirt. Avoid wiping with cleaners or solvents that damage the surface of the rattan rocking chair, and avoid direct washing with water;    2. The rattan rocking chair should be placed horizontally, otherwise it is easy to deform, and the bottom should be moved when moving to avoid violent dragging; try to avoid Jump on the rocking chair;    3. If the rattan rocking chair absorbs too much water, it will become soft, the structure is loose, the plane is drooping, and the woven mesh is easy to breed mildew. Therefore, during the southern rainy season, ventilation is particularly important. But remember not to expose the rattan furniture in direct sunlight. The contrast between the tide and the dryness, the rattan is easy to quickly deform or even tear;   4. The rattan wood and wood used in the rattan rocking chair are all soaked in liquid medicine, sterilized and sterilized, and steamed. , Drying and other treatments before using the finished parts to wipe clean, in the sun for 30 minutes; scratch the surface of the rattan bark, use car wax to wax the scratched parts; processing, so the moth-eaten rate is very low. In addition, pepper or chili can kill insects and moths. If insects occur, use water soaked with pepper or chili to soak the rag, wring it out and wipe the rattan;    5. Do not expose to the sun, ultraviolet rays will discolor the rattan, become brittle, bend, deform or crack, and become loose ;  6. The heat source will make the rattan hair dry and brittle, and the toughness will be poor, it is best not to put it next to the heater;   7. Long-term use may produce a small amount of loose rattan parts, you can use 502 glue to fix the loose parts; If the mold is caused by long-term damp, use a soft brush to clean the mold.   Rattan furniture manufacturer Modern Century introduced the above is about how to maintain the rattan rocking chair. I hope everyone keeps it in mind, so that you can use the rattan rocking chair for a longer time.
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